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trying to learn this game
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trying to learn this game
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trying to learn this game
My son who is going to start grad school next year for chem engineering starting playing this game about 9 or 10 years old. From the first day he got the game I could not beat him by the time he was twelve he gave up trying to teach me. I would love to surprise him one day in about 4 years when he gets his phd and beat his pants off at this game. Can anyone suggest any tutorials, honestly he tried to teach me but i fell like I am playing chess iwth invisible pieces, very frustrating. thx
Also 321go.org is a very sofisticated introduction to the game of Go, with more then 3.000 exercises
There are often players who enjoy teaching beginners at local go clubs.

Try to find a club in your area. If you are in the USA, you can look here:


You can also look here:


If you live elsewhere, you can try here:


or perhaps one of these links will be helpful:


I also recommend playing on line at a site that is good for beginners. I would try KGS (
 because they have a ranking system that is reasonably accurate in the weaker ranks, an "automatch" system that pairs players with similar strengths, a "Beginner's Room", and a "Teaching Room". Most of the people there are friendly and helpful.

Play as many games as you can in a month (at least one a day, more if possible). Don't worry if you keep losing, just concentrate on winning the current game.

Once you have played 30 or more games in that month, go to 
 and learn some theory. Your experience from playing and losing will make this study more valuable and helpful than reading it with none.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck, and don't get discouraged.