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Tanx xmas reunion 2014! 
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Tanx xmas reunion 2014! 
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Tanx xmas reunion 2014! 
This is to inform all our tanx community that on Dec. 20th around 3-5PM we will have a tanx xmas reunion 4 days before xmas. This is an attempt to bring a lot of oldie players for a little gathering and wish us all good xmas...i'll be hosting that reunion my name is Max for y'all that don't know me. So please come by and join us for this annually xmas reunion that we been having since 2010...i hope to see you guys around who know's maybe you will someone that you haven't seen in a long time. So come on by. Thank you for you're attention :). 
P.S let's leave the grudges behind and let's have a good time. 
What timezone are you talking about?

And goodluck with that
well i'm talking my time but if u think is 2 late ur time w/e country u from...if u can make it come if not do w/e ur gonna do :$ 
I'll try make it, hopefully some of the older players see  this and come along to. Sick of seeing the same old people day after day lol. 
lol Nill...ikr. Just one reminder tho...this is not an attempt to bring FOD back to life...as far i know that's impossible lol. What we're trying to do here is have a little gathering time and have a good time. The after party is in skype >:) for those that want to go on drinking jk. 

P.S. Nill we might have "Buttermilk Fried Rabbit" so idk if u should come :o
Btw, Nill, "Sick of seeing the same old people day after day lol". What are you talking about...u don't even come to tanx anymore -.- 
Give me a reaction on skype when the reunion begins.
I wanna see what happens after these years because i missed alot of things nice most people left.

Cya. :D
A Christmas reunion would be great if anyone actually shows up that is, I plan on hosting a small tournament between today (11/12/2014 & 01/01/2015) just to Celebrate the season itself.
wow thats good.. i cant wait for the event!!!
Sara (Murakasi) here,

I'll be there. :)  

Ғтẃ·ĢяåvēĐỉğğēя Vs Ғтẃ·ĢяẵvēŖóввēr.

Christmas Eve 24/12/14 6PM UK 1PM USA TANX ROOM 1.
Tune in for a series of intense matches from the two biggest TryHard players of the Modern Generation!

sorry guys but i think the reunion has been move to Dec 19th since a lot of people were complaining that it was a bad date. So it has been move to Dec. 19th around 3PM. It would be nice to see more replies for this xmas reunion thread to see who's coming and who's not. It would also encourage more people to see maybe an old friend that is coming and would persuade him to maybe come and see that old friend that haven't seen each other in a long time. So cya there :). 
Oh Vikys coming, on second thought..... :$ 
I'm putting the past behind me and forgetting all of the issues iv had with players on here since my arrival in 2008. I believe holding a grudge is pointless and causes nothing but stress and unnecessary immaturity amongst ourselves when we argue and such.

I know a majority of you probably can't stand me due to the attitude iv shown over the years but you have to remember you weren't exactly nice to me to begin with, especially Swift & Max, don't think I forgot what you guys did to me when I was a rookie I remember it but I hold no grudge over it any more.

I wish you all have a nice Reunion on here..if I stop by it won't be for long (Christmas Eve/Day) as I'm going to be busy celebrating my Grandmothers 80th Christmas which might be her last as she doesn't seem to well these days ever since her last operation.

From me to you, Merry Christmas & I hope you all have a Happy New Year.

Jeff don't worry...i don't hold any grudges against no one...especially online lol or real life. You have to realized that trolling and arguing was what made tanx a little better. I know some people took it seriously but let's all forget that...i wish all merry xmas. :)
Telling people to forget your own actions and wishing everyone a good christmas is just hypocrite.

Jeff is not capable enough to let me care of my ubr clan.
I always got kicked out when i use a ubr nick while he were trying to clanwar ftw with xr few months ago.

But for a reason they still trust you is because your a good player. 

Even i tought you were right and i was wrong for all my duties. My age and my boringness made me start banking, not for myself but for my clan.
I did it for Vivek & Erik to rank-up to 500+ without expecting anything back. with Ftw i worked for keeping nicks of the clan and make nicklists and stuff. and because im not someone for a 2v2 or 3v3, i just wanna be a leader of ftw. Create a crew as im doing with ubr. 
But jeff avoided it. There is nothing i could do, thats why im Uag now. Thx for Tornado for letting me in, btw.

For the Ftw's. I respect Ftw clan, but jeff made it impossible with hes insults and treatments to be a member.
He is not even capable to talk to me without harrasing me. Telling im "spastic" and talk bad about my autism :(

For the UBR's: Thanks you all that i may be your member over the years and i will not disappoint them. :)

Merry xmas and happy new year (by a atheist)
Have a nice day, 
Danny the Dutch.
If you have a problem with me play me in-game like everybody else instead of insulting me through the forums.

Oh so FTW and UAG has 1 member. You two should clan war each other and decide which clan COMPLETELY OWNS the game and please don't forget to make Best players of 2014 topic filled of player names who left the game in 07.
not cool Jeff...why u making fun of Danny's autism? i mean do you see any1 making fun of you're weight? oh wait nvm :$ 
I enjoy the game so much more currently i guess between 2013 and 2016 were my worst days in the game and it turned good after Swordsman came and compromised my weaknesses and turned me into a competitive player which id never forget about him, see, I won month 2015 once, just only once and i got backtuned while 2018 specificly december, He offered me somn unbelievably, a sub and support going through ages, thanks for all the flaws, I always flip out when im under pressure and it costed me alot but this is the only way i can make giftsubbers believe i could/can make the diffrence for their victories and their idealisms. Assumption currently will always be around me for this generation and i cant imagine with UBR, NBK and FOD in general what it would be if the people from FB, FNG and other social media werent there. thanks so much for all the support i get and i will give the same in return! :)
Max wanted to lose so badly he choose Szabina and Zama as his team mates, patethic.