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Winner  UEFA Champions League
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Winner  UEFA Champions League
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Winner  UEFA Champions League
 Hello. Which team in the UEFA Champions League and think you will win this competition . 
 I support FC Barcelona and I believe it will win UCL .:)
PSG can only win the UCL when they change their bad attitude and create a good team and not ragebuy stars for their arrogant lives.
Ajax net income is too low to win the UCL victories like the PL and LaLiga teams, even german teams have a much higher net span than the dutch one so obviously not, The 70s victories and the 90s victory were great (except the 69 and backwards 96 stolen loss. But the big cities are always produce more money in the big leagues, million city, football romance is gone, its all stained in buying XI signings and youth is only a low key buisseness treat.
Back in 2010 top teams were.

FC Barcelona
AC Milan
Man United

Those i consider Top teams by UCL appeal.

Now in 2022 top teams are:

Man City
Real Madrid

Wondering what Newcastle is gonna deliver those are the current euro top teams. Especially because since The UCL started in 1955 alot of switches in forcement made in top football like the fallen teams like Ajax, Celtic, Panathinaikos and Frankfurt. :) Well See.