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disconnections, disconnections, disconnections...
still continue on FOD...
My suggestion would be to check your own internet connection. Most people who post on the forums that are complaining about either disconnecting or Java updates or unable to enter the games are pretty much 90% of the time its on their end. Either they have a bad connection or don't know how to update simple plug-ins or even system updates.

If you have a bad connection you will be disconnecting quite often, if your download speed isn't quite decent you will experience loss of the connection, you can simply check your download speed online using a site such as this;


If that isnt your problem then check your signal with your router, if you have a low signal (Ide say below 10% strength) then you should move closer to your router or if that isnt the case invest in a higher grade router.
DKEJC, I have tried different computers , different locations, countries, systems ( also routers)  etc. ( I travel a lot ). I have a bit of IT experience too, I have no idea why it got worse, normally it should get better with so many improvements in systems and in hardware.   
If you are changing computers etc... quite frequently, then I can see why you are experiencing these issues.

It is simply bad download speed from the multiple ISP's that you have been using to go online. If your changing all the time you should notice this, not every ISP gives the best download speed.

Also in certain countries are limited, not only to fast broadband, but to multiple ISP's which result in the customer (such as yourself) experiencing problems such as these.

Personally the only assistance i can give the next time is happens, is to;

1. disconnect your laptop/PC from your internet connection

2. Restart your router (Using the restart pin which is usually a small hole in the back)

3. Enter the correct information in order to reconnect your system to the router

4. Immediately, once connected run a broadband speed check, and see if your download speed has improved.

If that hasn't helped, then you will need to check what download speed is on your contract with your ISP, then give them a ring and explain the issue. Sometimes it could be the wiring with your router etc... I had a similar issue back in 2012, I should have been running on 30MB/s, but due to an installation error I rarely got over 5MB/s, after a ring, they came our and fixed the wire's leading out of my house, which where incorrectly connected together.

Sorry I can't be of more use, only you can resolve this issue. If you are using a free Wi-Fi zone or using some free Wi-Fi spot in order to get online, then that's is your problem, as you never know how many people are also connected to the same spot, more users = less download speed, as the bandwidth will be stretched.

Thanks for reading.
I get disconnected every other game....no fun when you winning a game by 7 shots but get disconnected and lose 8 points for the remaining 4 ends you have and lose game 8-7 and lose rating...please fix your server and connection problems
Sick of it too. I have a guard to play to sit 2 and steal instead server cuts out hogs the rock and give up 4 right after. Server continues on all game lagging. Of my 73 losses I would say 35% are due to disconnects,
35%?  A wild guess or how did you calculate that?
trout, please excuse my ignorance, but what does "hogs the rock" mean?? Do you mean that the rock didn't make the hog line?? Just wondering
The frustrating thing for me that one game I'll have a perfect connection  with no lag and then the next game, I get disconnected suddenly with no warning, right in the middle of a game. Sometimes, the connection is great and other times it's horrible. It didn't used to be this way at all, but now it's like this all the time.