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Multiple nicks
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Dear Moderators
Multiple nicks
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Dear Moderators
Multiple nicks
Dear Moderators!
I have been informed that FTW-Warrior (ID: 27311029) was reseted.
I just want to inform the moderators that the user has other nickname on Tanx toplist such as Xя Шaяяіσя (ID: 27799772) and Uивєaтaвłє™ (ID: 27576336)
Moderators Know this  ip links all his nicks 

And he is a nice guy but when some one strats on him he gets mad 

Jeff is a very nice man

Keep safe smile more :) 

i agree with you Jade his other nicknames should be punished too so he will learn the lesson and think before he act weird next time
yes his unbeatable nick is still 1st in tanx with 300 points that nick should be reseted too to take his 5 stars away 
He will find a way to create more accounts, buy more subscriptions, and get to #1 in tanx because it seems thats all that matters in his life. Thats what happens when you are addicted.

You will have to give up because he wont. :)
Hey SKY! <3))))*

Do not know what is going on here. Just know if you trust and like this nick, they're A-OK in My Book.

Missing you, Btw, each time I search for you my good friend.

Happy Easter in advance.
Love ya,
This thread is 4 years old..at least read before you post in a stone aged thread.

Lol, don't care how old it is. SKY will probably get this, is all that matters to me. 
Seems as old as it is, it interested you enough to post...wink. 


If Sky-22 says he is nice, I'm with him. : ))))*