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New Board
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New Board
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New Board
Not sure if it's just a coincidence but I've been playing some games with the new board for the first time this afternoon and I am seeing a 
 of unexpected mistakes by my opponents.

I'm sure we'll all get used to the new layout in time but is anybody finding the new board a bit harder to work with?
for me , the design is horrible, hardly playable. 
Time , movement, sound were not synchronized, so.

The old was so much "classier" and "neat". This one look alike all others internet cheaps chesses boards.
If i had suscribed, i would not be pleased at all.
Dear Flyordie staff and members,

I think was a nice try to make a new layout like other chess sites do. But this one changes everything. Too big,
fonts are also to big. You dont see all the players, only a few. And with this layout the classic one, the layout which Flyordie has make his history through the years is all gone. The sounds are even worse. Maybe we have to get used to it. 
I was thinking in Flyordie can make it possible to create a switch button. The ones who want to play the old fashion can switch from this new layout to the classic one and who doesn't just stay at this one. Flyordie with 2 layouts. The classic one and the new one. 

The classic one has made flyordie big in online chess. You can not delete for good the old classic one for this one. Is like we are playing in a complete new website.

But nice try and good work. 


Yes its true Im always watching the How Phillipines Aira play and even other players I also saw a lot of mistakes to their regular moves the new feature for the board is fine for me THANKS 
Hello you can change it on "old version"
look on the link and have fun


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Rather pleased with the new set up, especialy being able to move around the diffirent rooms, big board suits my bad eye sighte, the rest is just gettig used to it. as far as Im concerned congratulations on this and the checker board.
hope you like the new set up I find it horrible