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public common tournament
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Four in a Row
public common tournament
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Four in a Row
public common tournament
Many people feel that it is unfair that there are no common four in a row tournaments. As suggested by some fellow players, I will be hosting an unofficial common four in a row public tournament. If you are interested in playing, please reply to this post. Both experience and inexperienced players will be accepted. Depending on the amount of players interested, there will most likely be 16 or 32 competitors. More details will be posted closer to the time. Please note, using a program is not allowed in this tournament to create a fair and competitive environment. 
Not a bad idea...I suppose you should count me in!
Great idea you can count me in! I hope this will be successful
im inn!!!!
hopes to be a good trny
Good idea Mossimo,guess many players will be interested,so am i

Yes that is exactly what is needed more players like you aiglon -__-
quintana² will also be playing. There has also been some confusion. you do NOT need a subscription to play in this tournament.

I have already seen a couple of programmers enter this tournament. If you're going to include no programs in this tournament you will need to know how to spot a program.

I do wish you guys the best of luck, but I am not interested in playing in this tournament.

Good luck all,

thanks warren, the programmers will be dealt with.
I'm in. hope the cheaters will be dealt with.
It's about time i started playing C4, never really tried it before other than a couple of times.

Nice to see your organizing tournaments buddy, count me in if there is enough space for my tubby self :[]
Hy all , I am interesed too (y) 
bonjour a tous

je répond à ce sujet sur invitation et proposition de MOSSIMO.
Je participerai avec plaisir à ce genre de tournoi ... même je ne vois pas 
comment on peut s'assurer à 100% de l'intégrité et du fair play des joueurs 

Quoi qu'il en soit, bon jeu à tous


traduction :

hello all 

I answered this on invitation and proposal MOSSIMO. 
I will participate with pleasure in this kind of tournament ... even I do not see 
how we can ensure 100% integrity and fair play players 

Anyway, good game all 


I truly hope you know how to spot a program, мσѕѕιмσ!
TheBestOfWorld will also be playing
Not to be negative but I have already noticed 3 programmers with names down to play in this tournament, good idea and I like what you are trying to achieve but like OXO said you cannot have a tournament without the programmers cheating,  maybe best to just stick to playing people you trust and are fair
Hello, the list of participants for the tournament have been finalised. Here are the participants:
Battlefield 4 
Shаun Murphy no1
Bonaparte I

The first stage in the tournament will be a group stage. There will be 4 groups overall and the top 2 participants from each group will then compete in the next round. In the group stage, you will be playing each of the other participants in your OWN group. The matches must be organised between each of the players (this may be done through the forum). 1 match will consist of 2 games: each player will be red ONCE. Each game will be 5 minutes long and 1 minute per move (default). After the match is completed, one participate will need to post the result on the forum. 1 point will be awarded for a win and .5 for a draw.
here are the groups:

Bonaparte I

Shаun Murphy no1

Battlefield 4 


Doubt i'l win a single game but it's still fun, i only started last night lol
1-1 vs quintana², ggs. Also a new rule will be added. Please use the 'please keep quiet button' for each of your matches.
result oewan-ftw warrior 2-0  ggs warrior :D
owen. 2-0 rider1013. ggs:)
rider1013 0:2 Shaun Murphy no1 ggs ty
result oewan-indian boy 2-0 ggs :d

owen 1-1 -OXO- ggs. All my games complete:p
Iη∂ιαηвσу 2-0 FTW-Warrior™
the finalists playing in this tournament are now complete. Each finalist must play each other so there will be 7 games per person. the rules from the group stage will be applied to the final stage. the player with the highest amount of points at the end (14 is the highest possible) will be the winner.

Shаun Murphy no1
 мσѕѕιмσ 1:1 Shaun Murphy no1 ggs m8
Shаun Murphy no1 1-1 мσѕѕιмσ 
Indian boy 2-0 because i was recently banned and unable to get online to play him..i told him last night just to take the 2-0 because i saw no point in me continuing the tournament due to the current situation.
Ahh I remember the times when:

Shaun Murphy no 1 used mustrum vs me loads of times,
Owen used vianiatio all the time 
and Mossimo used mustrum.

moss i have played 1 with sytx and other i d/c i told him i deserve rematch especially becasuse i was red and i would have won the match easily.he is laughing and said i dont deserve rematch because i hacked myself.is it a fair reply?i want rematch or i withdraw from trny
Shaun Murphy no1 1:1 Styx™
Shaun Murphy no1 1:1 quintana²
ggs guys
Shaun Murphy no1 1:1 Owen.
ggs fella
owen 1-1 Shаun Murphy no1
Nice try this tourney Mossimo. Even if everything can't be perfect.
The players of Four in a Row they need good moments like that.

Ex programs,,, don't deserve a punishment for have used in the past a program "allowed" by FlyOrDie.
The best thing to do is to smile,,, like Murphy!
Because the human is more precious than the games in general created only to have fun. Who cares about the balls in the end of the day?... 
Ggs everybody.
luster, that was a rumour started by mason- and everybody believed him. You should well know that at the time i was accused of doing this i only played pop-out.
Owen. 1.5-0.5 мσѕѕιмσ, ggs
owen 1.5-0.5 Mossimo, ggs:)
owen 1-1 quintana². ggs:)
Hey all,

Tommy. one of those times haven't bro ;) *cough owen*

And mossimo! Although you don't program now, me and mason don't start rumours, me and him both mustrum broke you a couple of times before you started pop out. 

You switched to pop out, and now it seems you're fair again.

I am in no way accusing, I am simply stating facts ^^

it's the only 3 in this tourny I know who use to or/ uses a program right owen :D?

Kind Regards,

warren, it seems facts have become accusations. I strongly believe that using a program is unfair and i would never use one myself. I hope you understand that. 
But if someone used program doesnt mean that he still uses it. :)
Even tho you are wrong bro - in the past i used vianiato. :p
In the past i mean like 2007-2009 :D
Lol Warren, you think your the bee's knees at this game, accusing people of programming, just shut up and don't get involved, as  you're not in this tournament. 
is it not owen?u left the game after match 1 in unrated room
and u accuse me i won with program
You cannot play 415 completely perfect lol

Shaun Murphy no1 2:0 UBR Mago 
ggs ty
owen 2-0 UBR Mago (IndianBoy) ggs.
I saw owen beat indianboy 2-0.

nice lie owen .Anyway i dont care
How did I lie? when FTW and Tommy seen me:)
UBR Mago "IndianBoy" Owen beat you 2-0.

I was sitting spectating on a guest.
Iη∂ιαηвσу 0-2 мσѕѕιмσ, ggs
hi Shaun, Due to the unavailability of some of the players, not all of the games could be completed. I have created a result which gives a player a 2-0 win if there opponent has not made an effort to play. This means that the result is a close, but not completely accurate result. I will post it shortly.
CONGRATULATIONS to Owen. for winning the tournament!

Thank you to all players who participated. Here are the results: 

1ST: Owen. 9.5 points
2ND: мσѕѕιмσ 8.5 points
3RD: Shаun Murphy no1 8 points
3RD: oewan 8 points
3RD: Iη∂ιαηвσу 8 points
quintana² 6 points
Styx™ 4 points
Jeepee0407 3 points

Hey мσѕ 
do you want to remake a tournament like you did at the time: p
I’m definitely in guys! Clark, I don’t think you can play 0’s in the tournament haha :p
csle  if you ok for tourny :p reply topic c4 world cup :)