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Only pop-out tourneys??
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Four in a Row
Only pop-out tourneys??
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Four in a Row
Only pop-out tourneys??
I just simply wonder if there are any tournaments at the end of the month that are NOT pop-out.  I personally don't play pop-out, only common.  Please tell me if there will be any common four in a row tournaments.
Dr. Green

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
Common four in a row has too many programmers. If there were tournaments, it would create an unfair environment especially to the fair players. Having pop-out tournaments are good as there are no pop-out programs. Therefor, i doubt there will ever be another common four in a row tournament.
Ahh, didn't think of that...I understand...thanks
It's already unfair for the fair players of C4. They don't have tournaments in their favorite game.
The programs have the sign... So, in normal C4 we all know who are the programs. And those players can't play in a tournament without be disqualified.

The others are ok and they are private of the joy to participate to a tournament of C4. Pop-Out isn't C4. 
Pop-Out maybe don't have programs today but tomorrow the things can change. 

Nobody can stop the evolution of FlyOrDie...
We can hope to see a C4 tournament be added one day... 

It is not always easy to identify a program user. The exclamation mark only shows that you clicked outside the Four in a row window several times during the game(s). 

There are several ways to avoid being identified by the exclamation mark. E.g using two different computers. 

I can almost guarantee that the anti-program system won't be able to spot every single cheater.
If a player use two computers it's a very courageous cheater,,, xD
Pop-Out maybe don't have programs today but tomorrow the things can change.

In answer of this statement, i doubt pop-out will develop a program for quite a long time. Pop-out is not a well-known game and there are very few people who have mastered it. There have been many clumsy attempts to make pop-out games on the app store and play store but none of these apps are good at all. 
Actually, PopOut was recently solved and we have created a perfect play program for it. May the best program win!

In all seriousness, if admins dislike the idea of people cheating in tournaments, perhaps they should take action against cheaters :)
eliten, you have finished the program already? :o

I doubt releasing it to the world would be a good idea though-there are already too many programmers in four in a row. About cheating in tournaments, some programmers can get around the FOD program detection and so some 'cheaters' won't be identified.
In pop out even if a player programs there wont be an actual benefit because breaking a pop out expert is impossible and there are only 1 or 2 good tricks in pop out with blue ball.
you would be surprised, breaking people in pop happens quite regulary
oh moss i played 1000s of games with u and being a pop out expert i have never broken u.but i dont believe there is many that broke u

it depends on who you consider an expert. i thought you meant players with 240+points when they first get there 'expert' badge 

I haven't been on FOD in years...came back out of the blue to see what was new and saw this post...very cool! 

For the benefit of other players, here is the paper I found with the solution:


Congrats to both you and the author of the paper/program.