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we need the cheats and program users BANNED. I pay my fees and I do not wish to play amongst cheats and people who cannot play for the fun and excitement we are all here for 
Hello friend!
once in a while use program for playing, you know why? ... because with him I learn enough to make great games, and play with you if I learn nothing!
So let yourself whining and stop calling others to cheat.
I suggest playing live to avoid programers because you will never be able to avoid programers on line.  Ita a way of life.
I can beat them all when I feel like going for the king 

I stopt going for the king becos know need to any more for me 

I'm the best player at checkers on the site 

I stay 300 - 360 
And I'm not being big headed it's my life playing checkers 

Progs and real players  play me any time 

My best ever rating  10 min room 1073   37 odd kings I have had 

Keep safe smile more :) 


Just how do you know when you are playing a program ?? (apart from losing)........ oh, I don't have a problem losing but it's the 'mocking' from the kids that really p*** me off.
This is difficult to understand. I get accused of using a program all the time. I have bad days and I have good days. On those good days I lose count as to how many times I have been accused of using a program.

Can someone explain this to me in better detail. How on earth would you know if someone is or isn't using a program??? What king of program are we talking about?

I have been accused of using a program both in normal play and even in bullet checkers!

A lot of sore losers out there. It's just a game!!
I have just been marked as "might use program" but I have never use one, what can i do to get the mark remove?
I have been on FlyorDie for many years, if they banned all programers there would be no one left to play checkers with.  It's just a thing, learn to accept it.

If you begin to cheat in small things like games which are just to de-stress and have fun, chances are you will cheat on bigger things in life and end up facing the consequences that you will certainly regret. Do not neglect the Universal law of sowing and reaping. Also it's not fair for others who do not resort to cheating. It can be quite frustrating especially in bullet checkers where time is of the essence and if your system or mouse is not quick, its frustrating as is.
What a waste of time when the resource of TIME given by God can be put to better use.

Totally agree with the first post of this thread, they should be BANNED permanantly, not allowed to still play and ruin other peoples games, especially when people subscribe, BAN theses players, protect your subscribers!
Many of those programs might well be part of flyordie system to keep an active site at all times.

On the other hand, it is hard to focus on playing and improving and not of points. Trolls are even more annoying as they can be quite rude and offensive, specially towards women. 

I guess humans are not there yet ...
What are you doing about permanantly banning theses CHEATERS? and stop nt posting my replies to this topic!
Theses are legitimate question when will the RED LINE CHEATER be permanantly BANNED?!
Unfortunately using a program is not against the rules, so these will never be banned.  FOD helps us by marking those program users with that big red exclamation point.

The cheaters on the other hand will be banned, if proven guilty of course.
If only FD did indeed give "ALL programmers" the Red Exclamation Point, there would be very, very few without it. Banning them would be the  death of FD, not a desirable solution. That's the very reason there are so many guest, they cannot be marked.  Love Fly or Die, but if you do not want to play programmers, go to local senior citizens center and play live, some pretty good players there.
Hello MrDallas, it can take a while for the system to detect the use of a program with certainty. 
NBK guiseppe uses program and game moderators not banned him?? why?
People 'cheat' at everything in life. In this case though, ironically, if the other player cheats, it may actually end up making you a better player. Yes, you may lose a game or two, but you most likely will get better. I played one of the super high score guys with a red hash tag, and he beat me BUT he gave me a little coaching through the game. I could tell he was a real pro. I didn't mind losing one bit.
Cheats abound and delude themselves - you should feel sorry for them not annoyed as clealry they are lacking a life.

Why accept flyordie permanent program user like NBK Giuseppe????
His game history is without using prog not possible!!
He setup play 3 games - win all 3 games against everyone!!!
You want to sell us at flyordie for stupid??? So many players are bannend but NBK Guiseppe can play unmolested, permanently with program!!!!
Please mark this player as a prog user or bann him!!
It´s a shame for any hones player if he play every game against us with prog! Finally shows presence and stop such player!!!
NBK Guiseppe has been exactly 1 year (20.7.22) after his old nickname NBK Guiseppe from 21.7.21, which has been inactive for 4 months because permanently with red ! marked, again registered with the same nickname NBK Guiseppe (he currently leads in the ranking and wears the crown). It runs exactly the same as with the old, inactive nickname marked as program user. This user wins all games against everyone here and that alone is statistically, mathematically due to the probability not possible. There is again the suspicion with almost certainty that NBK Guiseppe uses a program. Please do something against NBK Guiseppe in the sense of fair rules. Finally mark NBK Guiseppe permanently again with the red !
Just dont play these players, just to ignore those players aint give you guys enough excitement so you want them to be punished while they are infact, not breaking the rules of use.
If it does not violate the rules of flyordie to use a program, then such players must at least consistently with the red ! be permanently marked.
What works in all other rooms is not done at all by the moderators in the bullet room.
Players like NBK Guiseppe belong with the red !, then every player in bullet room sees that it is a player who plays with a program and no one has to be annoyed if he accepts a challenge from such a player who can not strain his own brain and realizes that you are dealing with a program player!!
Sets the marking with the ! in the bullet room as consistently as in all other checkers clear and peace returns! Otherwise I have to assume that flyordie measures with double standards and cannot or does not want to implement its own rules!!
Today playing with flypaper I lose the first one then we played again and this time I am winning the game and he accused me of cheating and a scammer then suddenly  I lose the game. The hick and telling me serve me right for cheating? What the hick im here to play the game to learn every ones move im just ordinary person to have fun to play the game that i enjoy and calling me names that i should asked my mum to get milk to put on my mouth. Dude flyffer the name or flypaper what ever his name don’t have manners actually dude im a mum and through and through just enjoy my game he should be banned because his a trully scumbag that win he loses his crying out to make us feel we are the scammer in fact his the true scammer how could be an expert on that shame on him his showing his true colors thank you everyone for playing with me I have learned alot and enjoyed my games every time I have bad times at work this is my source of releasing my anger feelings relax and survive and through lockdown its my companion to my being alone