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HTML 5 For FlyOrDie Tanx? o_O
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HTML 5 For FlyOrDie Tanx? o_O
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HTML 5 For FlyOrDie Tanx? o_O
Will Tanx be HTML5 instead of JAVA?
That game doesn't have players on java platform. Why would they bother making it into HTML5 haha? 
Stop following me around the forums and replying to my every thread, thanks.
Yes, Tanx will be converted to HTML5.

(No, I don't know when)

Great to hear, maybe it will solve a few issues it has and attract some more players.

Thanks for the response DEV.
Will curling also be eventually converted to HTML 5? There's no rush, just would be a great idea and like FTW said would attract more players! 
I have no idea what HTML5 will even do for Tanx or any game for that matter as i have never asked about its features but i hope it improves something.
All games will be converted to HTML5.
Any ETA yet on Tanx being converted to HTML5?

Also..if you don't mind me asking,

What exactly would HTML5 do for Tanx? As in what would change, would PC version be gone or still work?
Seven Years Ago you stated @DEVELOPER That all Games would be converted to HTML5. You still haven't converted TANX or DARTS.

Are you ever going to do it? I mean, there are several people from both games that are unable to enjoy them anymore because half of the players can't even get their games to work because they still run on JAVA. You said they would be converted. With all due respect I think it's about time you actually converted them, don't you?

I mean, we are still here and were waiting so what's the hold up? 

I mean you, yourself made that statement saying ALL GAMES WOULD BE CONVERTED. I think 7 years is long enough a wait for you to make it happen like come on.
Fake promisses are frustrating and leads into more players leaving the game which i aint aim for.
A little information from a Developer would be nice.
We need HTML5 so badly still no reaction from admins in like 7 years or so.
I can imagine they wont even reply at all and use fod as a cashcow till they definitly need to do something when people accept lack of updates in the games itself and keep playing them theres no reason to spend research to make the website even better isnt it? :)