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sudden disconnections
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sudden disconnections
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sudden disconnections
Sudden disconnections still appear , it never happened before,
These kind of disconnections started about 5 months ago
Normally when you have some issues with the connection – you are given some time to fix it ( 40-60 sec).
But these  are really sudden , just disconnection, no time to fix. Does anyone experience the same prob ?
Hope this issue will be fixed

Yes, this happens to me all the time. I don't know how to improve my own connection because sometimes it's fine and then other times I get disconnected right in the middle of a game.
summer if you are using wireless sometimes other wireless users such as neighbors can be on same channel and this can interfere with connection it will disconnect for sec or two then you will never know you where off internet but game wont reconnect if you have wifi there is an app:wifi analizer that will show you what channels are being used nearby you pick one that is not being used 1,6,11 are best im told 
thanks wolfman
yes I use wifi, but also I use cable (when playing), but it happens now with cable too , that's the thing
I will try that suggestion anyway
Disconnection again...
See you in a month, take care
5 out the 6 matches I've played today have ended in sudden disconnections. Using LAN cord or wireless doesn't matter. It's a shame that only a few weeks ago, I had no problems. Now, it's impossible to play.
Dear FOD moderators, administrators, managers. It's happening again and again. It does not depend on system, wi-fi or gadget on our end most of the time. I have tried different systems, gadgets, countries, locations, wifi and wire etc. It's all the same. It was even much better back in 2005 than it's now. Please look into it, lots of players leaving because of it.
I have been disconnected from about 8 matches this month, which means a points drop of around 40 each time. I sent an email about it to Flyordie but i got the exact same response as i have had any other time i have written to them....  NO REPLY WHATSOEVER!

It is clear that customer care is not really a primary concern on this site. The game itself is good, but virtually every other aspect of the hosting and controlling the site is hugely flawed.  
When I'm in Perth I piggyback on a neighbors conn and have less trouble than I do in Bali and we all know that we have the worst connections in the world in Bali. Toooo many people using the drums at the same time : > )
I HAVE SEEN with my eyes, some of  you crying kidsget disconnect. With bad connections. And crying abt it in here now. S H A M E.Do u think moderators can help u with your connection? Fix your computer or internet and come back , stop crying , idiots..