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Pool Tourney. :)
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Pool Tourney. :)
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Pool Tourney. :)
Here we go again with a new tournament.
Everyone who joins can write his opinion which game we play.
You can choose between 8 Ball, 9 Ball or Straight Pool.
The game with the most votes will be played.
The match durations I will tell when the tourney starts.

Already in tourney are: Shaun Murphy no1, Stephen&Hendry, Gary Ridgway, yoυ doɴт ĸɴow мe, ∂єяναιℓ and ○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○.
Please tell me which game do you prefer.
I chose 8 Ball, as expected. :D

I wish everyone a nice tourney and keep joining.
Also just join the tourney if you really got the time to play your rounds. Thanks for this.

Greetings, Tommy
.CAO. choosed 8 ball.

I hope we already can start sunday.

Hi sugarplum <3

I think 8ball aswell or Snooker :|
NewBorn - Straight Pool
PiNk PaNtHeR - 8 Ball
Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ® - 8 Ball
I choose 8ball too, 9ball is just flukers:p
I choose snooker pro so I can own you all ;D!
Never mind didn't see the options u_u

Straight pool with pro rules then
Hi guys, il play, 8ball i suppose :)
Well done Shaun for organising tournys :)
Hello all. :)
The draw is finished.
As the most of you choosed 8 Ball we are playing 8 Ball. :p
First round: race to 6
Quarterfinal: race to 7
Semifinal : race to 8
Final : race to 9

Matches are: 

 ·Raúl Andrés· :  Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™
 °•.Oиε Mσяε.•° : .CAO.
Wanted Player : Smoantizce
PiNk PaNtHeR : ○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○
yoυ doɴт ĸɴow мe : Shaun Murphy no1
Gary Ridgway : Stephen&Hendry
∂єяναιℓ : Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ®
Sexy Movimiento : NewBorn

So; good luck everyone and have fun. :p

yoυ doɴт ĸɴow мe 4:6 Shaun Murphy no1

ggs ty bro
Sexy Movimiento 5-6 NewBorn, good player, hard match ty :-)
Wanted Player 6-3 Smoantizce. ggs ;)
pink panther im available days 6pm uk time till 9pm
stephen we can play any day from 6-8 pm your time
Elvis you can find me in snooker room1 when im online :)

You can find me Snooker Room 1 or League room 3 8ball most days.
·Raúl Andrés· 6:3 Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™
Gratulation Raul and ty for playing Damo. :)
Sebastian. When do you want to play?

I can play following times:

Wednesday: Any time after 18:00 (GMT)
Thursday: After 00:00 (GMT)
Saturday: Anytime
Sunday: Anytime

Pick day and time and we play ^^ - I am mostly in quick snooker if need me ^^
By the way here are the standings after the first 2 tourneys. :p

1.Shaun Murphy no1 160
2.Gary Ridgway 130
3.Stephen&Hendry 100
4.Sexy Movimiento 75
5.Never Back Down 60
6.Wanted Player 40
7.Wяoиg≈Ѕнот 25
8.Sullivan88 25
9.Amilieee 10
10.Tobias Hoiß 10
11.∂єяναιℓ 10
12.○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○ 10 
Won 6-1 vs Cao

Let me play you next nursey!
Elvis, i can play today or tomorrow from 19 to 21 pm GMT our match
PiNk PaNtHeR what day and time you want game GMT time zone please
Elvis didnt see you today 7 pm GMT:( next time im online Sunday 30 March at 6 pm GMT...
Hello fellas!
Next round. :)

·Raúl Andrés· : °•.Oиε Mσяε.•°
Wanted Player : ○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○
Shaun Murphy no1 : Gary Ridgway/Stephen&Hendry (They got time till sunday)
 Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ® : NewBorn

good luck and have fun - it is race to 7. :)

Greeeeetz Tommy
Tommy can i change from ○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○ to FoD dEmOnS pls thanks
Wanted Player when you want play GMT time zone pls
Elvis, play tomorrow 1st April at 6 pm GMT?
Gary Ridgway went out of tourney. He didnt got time to play. :(
So; Shaun Murphy no1 : Stephen&Hendry (Y)
Raul where are you? I'm in 8ball room 1 or Snook room 1 most times :)
Won 7-6 vs Raul Andres

Very good games pleasure to play against.
i lost to Tommy 3-7 very good games bro (Y)
Shaun Murphy no1 7:3 Stephen&Hendry 
ggs ty m8 

You should remove this user from your tournament as he is no longer a member here.

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
Please try to finish your game till tomorow evening.
NewBorn vs Dr Sebastian
I am ready 2 play. Dr Sebastian let me know when you can play. 

You can find me usually in snooker pro room1 - playing ont his nick or _tower_ ;-).
Next round:

°•.Oиε Mσяε.•° : Francois
Shaun Murphy no1 : Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ®

good luck and have fun - it is race to 8. :)

Lol. Dr Sebastian scared to play me? I am every day on FOD. He didnt come up, didnt propose ANY time he can play. Tonight I will be snooker room 1 - since ~6pm till midnight.
Shouldn't be a problem to come in for 30 sec and ask for a match...

Or just say when you can play- as I asked already FEW DAYS AGO.
Lost 8-4 vs francois 

Played very well fair play, Good luck with final 
8-4 One More thanks for fair play :)
As the game were not played i decided to let NewBorn in semifinal as he was more active and asked a few times for games.

So 2nd Semifinal
Shaun Murphy no1 : NewBorn

good luck both :)

Fair enough- was really ready to play Dr Sebastian. Will be pleasure to lost you in 8 (lol). But will do my best :-|
Shaun Murphy no1 8:6 NewBorn vggs ty man (Y) pleasure

So the final can start. :)

.CLASS. : Shaun Murphy no1

Good luck and have fun both it is race to 9. :)
Well played Tommy from 2-6 :p. Hope you were not disapointed SF game ;-). gl in final.
The Final is done!

 Shaun Murphy no1 won 
 9:5 over .CLASS. in some hard frames.

Gratulation Shaun Murphy no1 for winning this tourney.
And also Gratulation for .CLASS. for your 2nd place.

Thanks everyone for playing. :)
It will take a while for the next tourney. 

Greetings, Tommy