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TANK Tournament Time
TANK Tournament Time
TANK Tournament Time
Could you please change the Tank tournament time to little later in the day?  I think more people will participate if the time is changed to little later(after 6pm EST).
00:00 is midnight putting it any later would be unfair to European players.
The time that TANX tournaments are at now are fine. If they started any later, people where i live would already be at work or school and also FTW's point.
this topic made me laugh really hard. there were 5 participants last tournament. i dont understand why there are even tournaments for tanx :)
What makes me laugh is the fact you post negative remarks in every tanx thread based on tournaments or the amount of players online, I'm sorry but who are you again?
Just another hater right?

You do realise that laughing about a game and its players is considered harassment so perhaps bare that in mind in future when you decide to troll people on the forums.