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Pro Snooker 15 reds Biebertournament
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Pro Snooker 15 reds Biebertournament
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Pro Snooker 15 reds Biebertournament
Hello, dear beliebers and others
This is the very first tournament i have ever created, i will have a little help from Shаun Murphy no1 whos more experienced in doing this. 
So this will be 16 player tournament, first rounds will be knockout rounds, so if you loose you are out of the tournament. 
Semi final loosers will play for 3rd place
1st round (Best of 3 frames)
2nd round (Best of 5 frames)
Semifinals (Best of 7 frames)
Final (Best of 9 frames)
3rd place game (Best of 7 frames)
Games will be played with 15 reds in Pro snooker room 1 or Pro Snooker unrated room.
So yeah we need 16 players, already in: Gary Ridgway and Shаun Murphy no1, so theres still 14 places left, so if you want to participate then let us know. 
Shаun Murphy no1 will provide additional details about points system. This is first of series of tournaments im planning to organize, so whos in? :)
Please post the scores in comments, thank you :)
Would love to join this tournament even though i dont play fod anymore. but the bieber name makes me say NO a big NO :@
The matches are:
Wanted Player vs Gary Ridgway
 ѕєcrєт™ vs Tobias Hoiß
Shaun Murphy no1 vs Nikola095
dervail vs★.мɑɢɪ¢ gєямαη★.
ste hendry vs BlindFoolLove
gabrielh vs Stephen&Hendry
Never Back Down. vs hardball
petermoo7 vs Snookersheep

All games should be played in room1 or unrated
Its best of three frames (bo3),post the results here, gl

Lets try to finish the first round within 7 days if possible :)
il be on tonight around seven and petermoo7 said hel be on around 10 pm gmt 
Tobias Hoiß when do you want to play?:)
gabrielh, can we play Sunday 26th January at 6pm?
my opponent isnt on. what can i do ?
You were told i would be on after ten fri night and i was online at 10-15 and you were not on sry m8
Nikola will you be online any day?
Didnt seen u.

My opponent - gabrielh, don't answer 5 days...
Nope, next round will come in a few days. 
Patience. :p
Round 2 matches are: 

ѕєcrєт™  vs never back down
petermoo7 vs Stephen&Hendry
★.мɑɢɪ¢ gєямαη★. vs Shaun Murphy no1
Gary Ridgway vs ste hendry

best of 5 frames, gl
petermoo7, can we play at 10th february at 6 GMT ?
Im sry i only just seen your mes and i cant get online till fri or sat between 9 & 10 pm , if you cant you can claim the match np.
petermoo7, i can play every evening at 5-7 pm GMT only .. but not at Saturday
then there np m8 you have the game 
Shaun Murphy no1 30:0 ★.мɑɢɪ¢ gєямαη★

Marcel, you said you wont play Tommy, so Tommy wins. Your tournament has ended, end of discussion, bye
Hi elvyis, whens best for you to play our match? Im free all weekend really so up to u m8
secret is never online so i cant ever play him in the next round??? and why is it taking so long lol
Hello i will give some help now.
3 days time to play the rest of the games, otherwise next round will start.

Greetz Tommy
So, next round. All unplayed games are give by random to the winner.
NeverBackDown vs Gary Ridgway
Shaun Murphy no1 : Stephen&Hendry

gl it is best of 7

Greetz Tommy
Sounds like a shambles to me needs to be organised more.
hi , just wondering why i was omitted from the tourney ? i asked gary when he wanted to play so ?
Hey Tommy, can we play today at 6pm gmt?
Tommy, i can play our match any day Monday-Thursday at 7 pm gmt
Please try to finish the games in the next 2 days..
12 hours left, otherwise someone gets to final.


Stephen&Hendry : Gary Ridgway

Good luck both :) its best of 9
Hey Elvis, can we play our match 15.03.2014 at 11 am GMT?
Haha at least the best 2 snooker players get to play the Final xD 

Good Luck lads 
Gratulation Stephen&Hendry :)

He won the final. (Y)
In a few days there will be another pool tourney.
Which wont take so long. :D
This tourney took full 2 months haha :D
only if its not biebertournament could be better and finish in a week.. everything related to bieber is crap aint they ? :D 
Thanks all, Tommy can you sign me for next torney?