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This morning, I played a few games of 1" chess. This afternoon, I tried to do the same but something about the site has changed. Every time I try to start a game, the site says that "In order to run our games Java must be installed on your system."

Hmm. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Java 7 update 45 (32bit and 64 bit), rebooted my machine, cleared out my Java cache, checked with Oracle that I am running the latest version of Java but this site always says that I must install Java.

Effectively, this site is a dead end for me right now. Is anybody else experiencing this?
I've got the same problem since yesterday night & no solution for the moment. Interested about the answer !
I also have tried to play chess and have to download java tried several times and keep getting told to download java but cant find what the problem is.
There is currently a problem with Internet Explorer and Java.

We are fixing this issue asap, until then you can play using another browser.

Thank you for your patience.
This problem seems to be been fixed now. Normal service has resumed.
....and again: with Flash...

Dont know what is THAT difficult about stopping that!

What does flyordie get from that...
...and again!!!
"Seite kann nicht angezeigt werden!
Bitte aktualisiere Flash Player auf die neueste Version!"
(Site couldnt be shown...Flash...!@#$§.. arrrrrrr)
my Version 13,0,0,214!!!


Dear flyordie: what is THAT difficult about stopping that sh.. bug!????????????????????????
kein Antwort sondern Kritik an die Moderation es wird ein veralteter Flash angeboten und das auch nicht kosten frei ist,schade das hier Versuchungen gemacht werden, Ware an der Kunde zu bringen. was der Kunde es gar nicht gebrauchen kann. 
mit Freundlichen Gruß
There is now an update to java...try updating it.
Dr. Greenthumb

The issue IE and Java is not a flyordie problem. But is a problem between Miscrosoft policy and Java policy.
I had for years the same problem. I refused to use IE because of Java en Bill Gates. Now i use for years FIREFOX MOZILLA. Never had a problem with Java. 

My experience is that for java issues Firefox is the solution.