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I'm back!
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I'm back!
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I'm back!
sup dudes long time no see. what has happened here? lmao. no1 is around, well my previous nice where a ton because back then we all made tons of nick names well here is some that i remember. dark_revolution, MARIO_BROS, spcl beam cannon, NDT Prophecy, Ukc Exige lotus, Xc guardian. Now trust me many more just can't remember them all, for all u that remember jason whats up hope to c u around ima be stopping in here n there. my era was 06-10. hope to c u around!
lol Jason is u...we meet again >:) i see you came back for your daily dose of a#$ ownage pills :P Anyway nice to see you still around :$ 
Welcome back Jason.
Have a good Christmas, hope to see you around sometime.
Hey Jason, I drop in like once a year maybe we'll cross paths ;-;
I remember you too Shawn!! You were by my side for years from UKC, to SR to STRONG to BROS. HMU too lets catch up. 
whats up jason, thought i commented before. miss ya as well man. we ran a bunch of clans together in the good ol days. 

-ukc commander
- sr silverwolf
- hurricane_bros
- army_strong

Too bad all those clans were buried by FTW & XC huh.
Hey There,
 Welcome back, follow me on Twitter, also, yes I realise this was posted in 2013
Hey! follow me on twitter @MelanieMGoals you should DM me aswell because I check my DMs a lot!!

Definitely not true. FTW definitely outnumbered us but there were a lot of poor quality players. I remember me and Jason doing a bunch of 2 v 2's and we won against both those clans you mentioned numerous times. Don't get me wrong we had our losses as well. Except for a few of the "Elites" y'all were cake - that's what happens when you accept too many members. Quality over quantity. 
I'm just kidding Explo. You guys were solid and most of your clans were TOP when i started this game, i played against you as a rookie and learned from it, especially Jason. But then again, whoever Jason taught, ended up dominating. That's the one thing people forget, how good Jason actually was. Well, i never. And he's the reason i ever became relevant in the game excluding the fact i ended up hooked and obsessed with the idea of proving people wrong.

Although that was the case in later years, every clan was wiped out By FTW. Your good old buddy Brandon made about 5 more clans after you guys all quit and not one of them was a success. Without Explo, Shawn, Jason, Navy, Viper & Baller ect Brandon's clan's weren't even remotely challenging. He made several with Kobe and provided more or less little to no competition whilst doing so. Gave him props only for the fact he tried where other's did not. Although he begged tornado to let him join UAG just to have a shot at beating FTW..that was truly a sad sight, to see Brandon fall so low as to resort to begging for help. Truth be told, without players like you guys Brandon would never of had any bragging rights at all.

I remember you and i remember all of your clans you mentioned. So i'm not going to discredit you, you were a good player. In fact i think you beat me the last time we played although i played terrible, i do recall it being one of the first times you had played in years so i give you credit where it's due.

It's too bad you guys quit, now there's no competition in the game and it's been that way since about 2011 basically. UAG was the last competition i had and now Tornado is the only one left putting life into this game.

I would have loved to see you guys come back sometime with a new clan or even an old one but i don't blame you for never doing it, it's not worth the time anymore. These forums are filled with Xc's who still ramble on about being the best when they weren't even relevant for the last 8 years or so. Still, they provide humor at least. That's one positive.

FTW was the one clan that survived when every other died, UAG came back because Tornado came back. Without Tornado there would never be a UAG considered competition, pretty sure you would agree, besides Best but that's really it.

Every clan is dead now. I don't even play the game at all now. I only replied to this because i miss old faces like you guys, too bad there's nothing i can say that will bring everyone back.

Well, if you read this Explo, i hope you're doing well in life and same to rest of your old clan members. You won't hear from me regularly on here as i barely visit now but it's good to see some old faces. 

The first post was a joke, so don't take it seriously.
If you're clueless as to who i am i would think it's pretty obvious, only a few people stuck around and none longer than i did to get better and keep a clan going aswell as the game itself. I miss playing real players like you guys but non more than i miss playing with Sam, with us both being from UK i felt comfortable not only playing with him but talking to him. Dude entrusted me with his clan when he quit and i kept it going for years, too bad he's still gone. Hope he's doing well with his Family, i'm sure he is. He's a smart cookie.

Anyway, best wishes to you, and if any of your old clan members read this, thank you all for providing me goals and competition over the years. You provided me entertainment, and i learnt a great deal playing this game throughout the years so thanks.

But Jason..if you ever comeback, you better stick around, i ain't resting till we play flats to 100 kills like the old days.

No worries brother. No bad blood here, was just defending my history. There is no doubt FTW was a very well-run clan - the fact you guys were probably the last clan standing really says something about your organization. I wouldn't argue FTW being recognized as the best overall clan of all time in this game.

I appreciate the respect. I helped make those clans (UKC, SR, STRONG, BROS) because I liked creating something new, but mainly to challenge the already existing clans. I always thought that was more fun than just joining the best. Also provides a new factor to the game. And yeah no doubt Jason was a great player and teacher. He taught me some pointers and definitely improved my game and subsequently enhancing my experience on here.

Sad to see tanx died around 2011, around when we all quit.  And Lol @ Brandon, he was always an arrogant one but I respected his hustle. He was the true definition of a frenemy. And wow, all those names you mentioned struck a nostalgic nerve. My closest friends on here. I recall all of them being in UKC at one point. Were you in UKC as well or FTW from the beginning? I vaguely remember playing with an FTW_ERADICATOR but I'm not sure if you had other names. It's been a while man. 

I haven't logged onto this game since 2011. At a quick glance of 0 players in the lobbies, this game is long gone. Can't blame em, people got on with their lives and you have games like Battlefield and COD on Xbox One and PS4 lol. 

I'm doing well, thanks for asking. Getting my degree in a few months, working at a hospital and plan on going to medical school soon. Hope all is well with you too man. This game will likely never be revived, but it's always fun to reminisce on the past. Glad these forums are around for players to keep in touch. 
I dont think FTW is the last clan standing, UBR is here, on solo names dominating every tournament, giving Tornado a hard time, infact UBR tag which is been used back in days, which i used to save it from a dying edge just like i wanted to help FTW multiple times.. They were no members around only Jeff who trusted me and got me in FTW, i used UBR names which gave him a reason to kick me, its just that i never saw anything in FTW, i couldnt stand their leader, their elite spirrit, their dominance and using badmouth.

@Explosion, Too many people in a clan isnt really bad because a tag gives reputation, but also elance, which means that people who wanna be a part of it can jump in and enjoy the community. Sadly i never been a part of the old days, im not skilled infact im a so called noob by most unrespectfull brats like Max, and your so called FTW leader, im here for along sometimes, sometimes upset, and stalking isnt something i would accept from any of my UBR members imo, thats the worst thing you can do.

When i was a FTW 2nd time i turned into a UAG who declined.. yes DECLINED CLANWARS with UAG Cyclone and UAG Super Roy in 2015, after the clanwars with XR against UBR/FTW. (a clan Jeff ditched back then but came back because of Sam convincing midnight when i was sleeping) FTW was not dominant in the sense that its something to be proud of, infact the only true story i heard was "I dont need members i can beat you all 1/5 within a single death" etc, which i got bored af.

My Skype is loyaldutch14 this days, but i dont mind you dont add me, ill play other games with other members, but if you want your welcome.

Take care of your life and best wishes, Youve got THE BEST WISHES from UBR.
UBR is literally a modern day version of NBK but completely failed. The clan consists 100% of bankers and people who on their best day couldn't match up to any top player from the past, nor me or anyone even remotely good. 

You "Sentinel" have been banned like a thousand times for banking, sharing accounts, evasion and even openly admitting to cheating in tournaments. Quite possibly the worst example to go by is your clan.

As for FTW backing down from you in clan wars, that's probably the most hilarious statement you've ever made. There isn't a single player in this clan of yours i couldn't man handle. You begged tornado to join your clan to help beat mine because you had little to no man power at all and he turned you down because he knows how bad your clan is, and i don't mean in terms of skill but personality. The people in your clan are from other games in FlyOrDie, mostly Netherlands, Hungary and such. Not one of them is considerably good compared to myself. You think you can impress this old guy whom iv known for almost a decade by spreading your lies, good luck lol.

@Explo, if you ever want a real challenge like the old days holla me on forums, if im around i will give you the hardest game possible. The only other player who could provide you one as difficult as me is GraveRobber whom i don't think plays anymore. I can promise you will get a savage game from me..but if you play this UBR you won't even be playing him. He will let one of the hungarian players play on his nick for him with a VPN (Cyberghost).

Same way Lionceau plays (French VPN) when the dude is from Poland and got permanently banned on Ftw Eliminator for accessing a moderator account. Y'all are really sad.
FTW is literally a modern day version of XC but completely failed, UBR isnt common with NBK whatsoever, remember you said "I rather let FTW die legendary rofl"

UBR having the best members (Patricio, Erik, Vivek, Alex, Kalman, Jeferson oh man i have tons of examples)

You dont even know half how good UBR was, is or will, but i dont wonder you let FTW die and UAG died because they couldnt face UBR, how patethic is that.

Infact FTW died because you cant lead a clan, FTW died in 2011 when you took over leadership LOL 
Your narcistic, your egoistic and your 5 friends in facebook must be trilled, i remember you took Kobe in FTW in 2013 He didnt played for years but you dont care, you took him in with another 2, 3 careless members. FTW is the worst clan of all time, because the only thing they do is coming inactive whenever another clan wanna face them you guys never change.

Your insulting already gave us the right to 10-0 win the clanwar by your selfmade rules smh. and pride over decades of history, and Twister will agree with me, its the truth, Tanx is just a game, your too seriously involved with your emotions. GET OVER IT. :)


Get a FTW name and get roasted in tournies, we are not sad, we are the best clan in modern generation, dont be mad lill boy.

Good luck scottish independence hehe Ciao :D 
I swear, right now Danny, i swear to you dude i am in tears LOL. You making me laugh so much man you don't even know, i literally can't stop laughing LOL

Thank you so much for posting that ROFL
Oh my shots fired..LOL, i'm wounded folks, its bleeding, i need a medic! someone get me a fire hose for the burn im suffering from ! LOL my body's a blaze from this man. Come on dude, please stop im in tears LOL.

Honestly man, you're the most delusional person iv ever met in my life, i swear, if i met you in real life i bet you're a real good laugh lol. You're priceless dude, LOOOOOOOOOOOL



LOOOOOOOOOOOOL i'm sorry but this is just too funny for me comprehend..LMAO, im literally laughing just as much as im writing it here, i swear to you. LOL.

You made my day, dude. Really did.
I can't believe you're still trying to call me out after all the years iv beaten you down dude, what#s the deal man, let it go LOLL this aint a joke man you gotta let it go, you're still pretending to yourself that your clan is some top notch group of generals or something, i mean whats your clan called anyone? Danny's Elite? LOOOL

Who's Patricio? LOOL Is that Zeus's offspring? LOL what.

I'm sorry but i just cant hold in this laughter man. Honestly dude, thank you so much for posting this, you've really made my day. I would love to come back and fight you guys, i really would but i don't know if i will, i'm not willing to buy a sub to beat a few people in a tournament when not one of them is even REAL LOL. Who are those guys man, iv never seen those names in my life man, what nicks they using? UBR ImaginaryFriend 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ect? LOOL


Thank you so much. I cant lead a clan? LOL, im the only reason FTW stayed around 2010-2016 dude LOL, if i wasn't here Sam, Nitro, Alex, and everyone else woulda been gone too bro, you don't even know how far off the mark you are with this post man. You just literally, gave me the best laugh iv had in like the last 5 years, thank you, i mean that seriously, thanks. LOL

@FOD please post this reply, i'm being serious this is too funny not let them see lol. I'm sorry mods but i can't help myself from laughing at what he just said after me playing for like 8-9 years having beaten him and his clan like a million times...LOL! Funniest post of all time
If you found it as funny as you mentioned in that essay that really tells a lot about how interesting your life is.
FTW beaten us in clanwar? Proof or it didnt happen.

If you dont mind ill Skype you about this, i see no point we need to argue about this trough a forum only a few same people will view it, and they dont know the story, but it feels good ill gave you a nice laugh which is based on your delusional behavour. :|
It's kinda sad but okay, im fine with it.

@about Imaginary friends

I know who my friends are and i dont use them. 
I only suggest to play Tanx which most members refuse because what you said, that playing Tanx isnt worth the time anymore. 
Still i get Szabina back in FOD with a sub.

We both realise that our tribe was what made me getting in the mood of try to make UBR worthfull, to be a good leader.
A clan which is tbh the best clan in FOD history. :)
A good leader tries to extend a clan whatever they need to offer to keep it living.
I mean look like Glasgow Rangers and how they almost ended, FTW can do the same, i will give advices when your upto. 

@UBR I respect you all whenever you win, lose, avoid playing for a good reason, or taking care of your own life, with the knowledge ill cya anytime soon. Bless you all. :D

When your not responding on skype, i see no point responding here and saying the truth, about your selfmade lies, and hate speaches to turn people against me, Bye.