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8 Ball Christmas Tournament!
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8 Ball Christmas Tournament!
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8 Ball Christmas Tournament!
Hello everyone. 
At first i wish you a nice christmas month.
Some people asked me to create a new tournament so i do one now.
Its a bit new with loser round till semifinal.
So if you lose a game you still have a 2nd chance then.
But at the seminal it is knock out.

1st round race to 5
2nd round race to 6
Loserround is always race to 5

Already joines: Shaun Murphy no1, Wanted Player, Gary Ridgway

I hope that we could reach again 32 players. :)

Greetings from Tommy

NightHawk aka Dervail is in too.
BlindFoolLove, Sullivan88 too
ϊи ѕαитαѕ ѕαск or ○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○, 
Keep joining guy, already 12 are in. :)
Tomorow i will start the tourney. :)

Keep Joining guys.

So here we are for the first round.

Tobias Hoiß : NightHawk
·Raúl Andrés· : .CAO.
Gary Ridgway :  liquid_lizzard 
Amilieee : BlindFoolLove
Sullivan88 :  Tяⓚ★Ghîłєš
Shaun Murphy no1 :  Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™ 
Im Back 2002 : Never Back Down. 
Sexy Movimiento : Wяoиg≈Ѕнот
 ϊи ѕαитαѕ ѕαск : Moreno Mineiro
.Sarajevo. : ▓ Ben` ▓™
Cue Cuba : Smoanticze
Wanted Player : Snookersheep

so gl then for everyone it it race to 5.
Rated or unrated - ur choice
8 ball.

Greetings Tommy. :) Have fuuun!

Sorry Hey Brother, i try to get another player so you have someone then to play and you can join.

Lindomar, search him at Facebook or ask here at forum. :)
won 5:1 over  Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™  ggs ty m8 (Y)
gl in loserround :)
I am ready to play them 15:00hrs of Brazil
Moreno Mineiro Where are you? 12/12/13 im in room 1 8ball.  find me...

 hiye mate,i can play anytime before 1pm gmt,i start late shift 2pm untill 10pm as from 2 moro,msg bk m8

 thank you for lesson gary,gl for the future mate :)
Never Back Down 1-5 im back 2002 ggs m8
Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ® 5 - 2 мєяяу ¢няιѕтмαs
Moreno Mineiro  i waste 7 hrs today lookin for you, find me tomorrow .
for communication reasons. I will not participate in the tournament, thanks and good luck to all

I will takethe until photo chamndo you to play often, but has no problem friend..
So you won Steve. gl in next round on monday. :)
Hello all. A few games are still to play.
Today and tomorow till evening you have time to play otherwise the winner will be chosen by random.

Greetings Tommy. :)
I found someone else to play for Moreno Mineiro.
p dash will take his place so Steve ur not on next round now u have to play if it is ok for you.
 ϊи ѕαитαѕ ѕαск : p dash
gl both :)
I will use luca brecel not p dash.
luca brecel 5-2 dangerous, ggs ty m8.
Time for 2nd round. :)
Tobias Hoiß : NightHawk
p dash : ·Raúl Andrés·
Gary Ridgway : Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ®
Sarajevo : Sullivan88
Im Back 2002 : Shaun Murphy no1
Sexy Movimiento : ▓ Ben` ▓™
Wanted Player : Smoanticze
BlindFoolLove : Amiliee

race to 6 for all. :)


.CAO. : Snookersheep
liquid lizzard : Tяⓚ★Ghîłєš
 Wяoиg≈Ѕнот 5 : 2 Merry Christmas
Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™  3 : 5 Never Back Down. 
 ○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○ : Cue Cuba

race to 5 here.

gl everyone and have fun - 5 days time to play :)

 ▓ Ben` ▓™ 1 - 6 Ѕexy Movіmiento
Gary Ridgway 6-4 Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ® ggs
Hello all.
2 days left to play your games otherwise the winner will be choosen by random. :)

gl in your games and have fun

Me and Im Back 2002 playing today.
Sarajevo got kicked out of tourney by not playing.
Here is the 3rd round.


Tobias Hoiß : ·Raúl Andrés·
Gary Ridgway : Sullivan88
Im Back 2002/Shaun Murphy no1 : Sexy Movimiento
Wanted Player : Amilieee

Race to 7 


Never Back Down. 1:5 ▓ Ben` ▓™
Wяoиg≈Ѕнот : .CAO.
Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ® : ○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○
Smoanticze : Night Hawk
BlindFoolLove : liquid lizzard
p dash : Im Back 2002/Shaun Murphy no1

 race to 5 

5 days time to play. 
Good luck for everyone and have fun :) !

won 6:4 over Im Back 2002 ggs ty m8

Winnerround > Sexy Movimiento : Shaun Murphy no1
Loserround > p dash : Im Back 2002 

 hey Ðr.ŞέвλşтiλИ ® when do you want play bro.
Cheers Steve.
Shaun Murphy no1 7:1 Sexy Movimiento
ggs ty :$

Shaun Murphy no1 7 - 1 Ѕexy Movіmiento
 to blindfoollove,thank you for games,have a Merry Christmas
I have been online every evening and haven't seen 'Im Back 2002' yet.
Result for match:

Gary Ridgway (7) - (6) Sullivan88

Well done Gary, good luck in your next round.

Kind Regards,
Wooooh merry christmas lately from me.
Here we go for the next round!!!


Tobias Hoiß : Gary Ridgway
Shaun Murphy no1 : Wanted Player

 Still race to 7 


▓ Ben` ▓™ : Night Hawk
liquid_lizzard : Sexy Movimiento
○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○ : Amilieee
Wяoиg≈Ѕнот : ·Raúl Andrés·
Sullivan88 : p dash

 Race to 5 

Have fun good luck for everyone 5 days time again to play. :)


 ty for games,and lessons :) gl in future :)

I will be online after 9pm tomorrow evening, same on Monday and after 7pm on Tuesday so whichever time is suitable for sullivan88 I will play. 
p dash 1-5 sullivan88. vggs wp (y)
Match Result:

Sullivan88 (5) - (1) p dash

Unlucky mate, good games.

Kind Regards,
At first > Happy new year for everyone. :)

Qualified for Semifinal are:
Gary Ridgway and Wanted Player


Amilieee : Sexy Movimiento
Wяoиg≈Ѕнот got a bye
Tobias Hoiß : Sullivan88
Night Hawk : Shaun Murphy no1

Still race to 5.
4 days Time to play

Good luck for everyone and have fun. :)

Greeeeeetz Tommy

Shaun Muprhy no1 5:0 NightHawk
ggs ty biebs. <3
Next round


Sexy Movimiento : Wяoиg≈Ѕнот
Sullivan88 : Shaun Murphy no1

Both winners are qualified for semifinal. :)

race to 5 and gl for everyone. 

I will be able to play the match in the next few days.

Tommy, what times are you available?

Kind Regards,
Wяoиg≈Ѕнот 1 - 5 Ѕexy Movіmiento
Last loserround is done.
Sexy Movimiento beaten Wrong Shot 5:3
Shaun Murphy no1 won against Sullivan88 5:3 ul m8 ggs :(

Lets start the semi final then.

Matches are: 

Gary Ridgway : Shaun Murphy no1
Wanted Player : Sexy Movimiento

It is race to 9

Good luck and have fun guys. :)

Wanted Player 6 - 9 Sexy Movimiento
Great games, really took pleasure playin you
Gary Ridgway 6:9 Shaun Murphy no1 
class games bro. <3

The Final is coming!!!!

Sexy Movimiento : Shaun Murphy no1

Race to 11

Good luck both and have fun. :)

Also there's the game for 3rd place

Gary Ridgway : Wanted Player

Race to 10

Good luck both and have fun. :)

Greetings, Tommy!
Game for 3rd place finished!

Wanted Player 5:10 Gary Ridgway.

Gratulation Wanted Player for 4th Place.

Also Gratulation for 
Gary Ridgway
 who got the 3rd place.

Well done both. :)
Also the Final is done guys!!!

Shaun Murphy no1 won 11:3 over Sexy Movimiento.

Gratulation for 2nd Place Sexy Movimiento.

And the winner is: Shaun Murphy no1 

Gratulation to myslef. :) 

Thanks everyone for joining it was a great tourney. 

Greetings, Tommy

Next tourney will made by Gary Ridgway.
We're doing a system were everyone gets points for their placed.

Shaun Murphy no1 100
Sexy Movimiento 75
Gary Ridgway 50
Wanted Player 40
Wяoиg≈Ѕнот 25
Sullivan88 25
Amilieee 10
Tobias Hoiß 10 
NightHawk 10
○ Ðаηɢєяσцѕ ○ 10 
Hey Tommy let us know when you make another tourney! :p
Hey bro Connor here. I'll join the next 8ball tourney !! I never knew you did them till someone told me the other day. Count me in the next !!