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who's your favorite Anime.
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who's your favorite Anime.
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who's your favorite Anime.
post , a name pic or video of your favorite Anime character here.
 Hatsune miku has performed sold out virtual concerts in real life.:)
last anime series i watched was elfen lied  
   it was interesting but the dubbing was bad.
Hello Kitty of course. The best fighter never seen!! :D xD 
But I don't know if I prefer her in pink or in red... Hm... It's hard to make a choice she is so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
   Toph's best attribute and lesson to teach us all was to always be "faito"! and if it must be then 'Gaman Shiro' maybe she learned that from the badger moles,to overcome all obstacles that life puts in front of us.,,>,<,,
after posting the last toph video i realized that their was one profane lyric in the song , PLEASE delete both of these posts.not I will screen my choice of music better in the future, oops :(
after posting the last toph video i realized that their was one profane lyric in the song , PLEASE delete both of these posts.not I will screen my choice of music better in the future, oops :(
seems Im not the only one who overlooked something in here today .. sorry for anyone who might have been offended >
unlike Toph i do give a ham about my reputation..
Suddenly i find that my ability to bend the rules,,enticing if not empowering,even if only in a literary sense:8

I vote for my mother. 
If you don't like I don't care :) My mother she is the most strong and the most courageous of all. She can give all the lessons of life that you need. When you need. 


"confidence" sorry confidence, and thank you for pointing out my mistake,and telling me what to do. quite honestly its people like you whom i post for.
Fantagaro, I do care and I also believe that is the most honest and beautiful statement That I have ever seen here. Reading your post has truly started my day with a smile.Thank you. :)
This is for everyone's favorite hero, mom ") :)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Love is,?     Love is like when a puppy gives you a bunch of face kisses,,        Even after you left him home alone all day. ,,?>,<,,
Love is sacred. That's it. "like when a puppy gives you a bunch of face kisses" No lol 

I wish you a nice day. 
Thank you.
(It's only my opinion, I don't want hurt you).

Love is different from the sentimentality. It's firm, strong, led by the wisdom attached to that which is pure and right.
Humans in general show the love but it's often distorted and corrupted.

The true love isn't "dominated" by the feelings. It's stronger. It takes into account some principles and evil caused to others...

That's why I don't like banalise.

*For animals, love is "the attachment". So they needs our affection. For sure!!

(It's my last post. Take care). 



"That which is pure and right" is in essence the wisdom that is derived from the spirit or soul,whether from a puppy or a human.I don't believe we have the right to claim the human need for love is any more righteous, to do so is somewhat selfish or perhaps prejudice.but that again is just my opinion .I do always appreciate others thoughts aswell Fantagaro , so thank you once again for sharing.
 Birds, reptiles, and mammals all have a structure in their brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for emotions in humans, 
"led by the wisdom" But what wisdom? This is the good question (personal).  

"attached to that which is pure and right". A human imperfect can't really pretend be pure and rightry to work in this direction... Everyday with those . But he can tactions.
There, the wisdom is usefull. But again the same question: what wisdom?...

Can we compare the human to an animal? Evolution... Subject, personaly I dislike.
Because I think "and it's only my opinion" we need a little humility to accept the  possibility of the existance of something else... More strong of a human.

For this reson I say the love is sacred. Because God is love.
And the many qualities of a human aren't the qualities of a animal.
But I don't want talk about those things more even if the subject is interesting, bacause everybody has his opinion. And I respect.
(I say is my last post. But stop to say interesting things lol).  :) 
Big thank you!

Take care.

people like me? do explain what kind of person i am.
Traduction in human language xD (my words at 2 hours in the morning)

"attached to that which is pure and right". A human imperfect can't really pretend be pure and right. But he can try to work in this direction... Everyday with these actions.
There, the wisdom is usefull. But again the same question: what wisdom?...


(sorry for my English, the English don't like me and I don't like the English too xD) 

Lol Confidence!! You forget what you say... "stop spamming...sheesh"
You can't be more gentle? o-O If you talk like that to halfcat or to another... (Because you aren't moderator) I don't know you, but I call you: little trouble maker. You like it? It's sweet... haha


Oh, LAST important clarification for those who understand the things always *weird*.
When I talk about the animals, and about "attachment" it's the attachment for his master. So they need our protection and our affection. There it's clear for everybody.

(I hope the forum is not down by my fault, xD). 

"confidence" To answer your question."The kind of person whom I think could use a little more happiness". with that said, please consider that I haven't told you its wrong to spend most of your time here complaining ,so  please don't tell me that I am wrong for wanting to post in hope of making someone smile. :) Happy holidays to you and everyone else who have shared some of their time in order to read my thoughts.
Fantagaro did you know that even though cats rely on us for food, their main purpose is to bring us happiness?:) Ty again for you thought provoking views,


The oxytocin. Hormone of love, but also of the social bond.

In the presence of an animal in fact, we produce oxytocin. Factor of welfare when we are surrounded by people you trust.


But it's important to keep in our minds the notion of a good balance with the relation that we have with "our friends the animals" and with the humans. Two worlds apart.

Compare the love of the humans between us with the attachment of the animals for the human, after have been tamed, I find that a bit hilarious. All the animals can have the reaction of this cobra without be tamed...  

A lot think animals are less disappointing that humans.

So, the animal is wreathed in all grades. And the wife, the husband, the daughter, the son, the worst devil... haha

Good reasoning? Of course not. 

In moments of weakness, the relationship with the animal may even be preferred to the relationship with the other people. 
Because face to face with Black, or Kitty, xD we don't have to maintain a good image of ourselves. To make efforts. 

But in our life with humans, a relationship without efforts is doomed to failure. Isn't it?

Real disagreement comes from the point of view of some: the animal is our equal. But there isn't. Even if the animals have a lot of emotions it remains submitted to the human.

But the humans must try to understand the emotions of the animals. To successfully created (by the mean of the training) emotional connection with them.
This emotional bond is based on respect for the life.

Thank you. Without your thought, my thought is unnecessary.

btw. did I mention that when I said "love is like facekisses from a puppy, even after you left him home all day" that was intended as a smile invoking  analogy to represent love being unwavering or unconditional,,such as a mothers love to her child? after scrolling back it appears I did not.:)However ,In terms of people sharing their thoughts on the subject in such a thoughtful and personable way,I would hope that anyone reading anything I post to please share what comes to mind as a result,regardless of whether you think it fits the topic,
getting people to share their thoughts with me is my goal here and that is why my posts are offered in a way that anyone may respond,no need to be significant or profound when asked to post dancing cats,ect, but if you want to be then please do:)   also,Gabriellmyway.I loved the way you finished your post Thank you.    Staying true to form I would like to say,,, '"check this yo"!
 Happy holidays Everyone, Steph.:)
Haha... Nice!! Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you.


Another view I'd like  to share is and I may be mistaken but as I recall. In regards to the human animal attachment theory, that was originally based on study by way of ethology,but as animals become conditioned to human bonding, behavioral ecology suggests that they may evolve to think more as we do and I mean those which are pets, and as time goes on less as they once did as a species.forgive me if my terms are wrong as I have a confusing amount of words in my head that end in "ology" which I sometimes misuse. 
 :) "peace love and hippybeads"