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im dying
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im dying
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im dying
Hey all you diehard Tanx players. Im sure you remember me. For good reasons or bad. i just poped in to let you all know my time is short i been diagnosed with C O P D. Look it up if you dont know what it is. What it is is killen me, i dont know how long i have left but i do know why i have it. You gets it from smoking. All you youngsters out there whothink smoking,is cool dont kniw squat. I will someday soon basicly sufficate because i mukedup my lungs with a cigerette. A  word of advise quit while you can or dont ever start. Listen to your elders for once. I wish i had maybe i could take a deep breath if i had. But i didnt now im guna pay with my life.i wish you all well n good hunting. MUKES out..........
I do not know what to say 

I'm sorry to here that buddy I hope 4 the best 

I'm not to sure if i remember who you actually were, i do remember the name just can't recall who you are.

I doubt i knew you since im from 2007, however that isn't important.

what is important is your life.
If you are serious and not messing around with this then please, take my advice and make the most of the time you have left, don't sit on the internet on this website or forum, be with your family, your friends enjoy the moments as much as possible.

Forget this game, this website i'm just a player on the internet, like everyone else, our personal lives are much more of importance than a reputation on a video game or internet community.

I am deeply sorry about your situation, i wish you the best.
Sad to hear this, even tho i don't think i know you, i still feel that sad part in my heart knowing someone is dying.
It's never a feeling you can control, it just makes me sad.

Take care, and good luck with the rest of your life.
I'm sure the lack of responses are from people who no longer view the forums.

We all make mistakes, sometimes its just to late to correct them, and in this case, it's to late, but it's not to late to spend time with those you care about, go make the most of it with your family and friends.

Even if i didn't know you, i still have a heart and wish you the best.



Hi Mukedup. Long time no see. We've had our fair share of tank battles (can't believe we started a decade ago). You're on my heart, praying for the best. 
Hello Mukedup.

I would like to sincerely apologize for my last post doubting whether or not your thread was true.

I'm sorry about your condition and hope the rest of your time in life you can enjoy to the fullest.

Best wishes from me.

i remember a case like this a few years ago 2007 to be exact. idk if y'all know angeleye. Someone posted a thread that she had died in car accident...but somehow i knew it wasn't true...so i started saying she fake her own death for attention everybody went off at me...even harrydog banned me for what i was saying which was wrong coz that's not an accused to banned someone anyway long story short...i ended up being right even her friends came at me thanking me for exposing her...she was the one that wrote her thread claiming she had died on a diff. nick no one knew it was hers. btw angeleye if you reading this hi...is me Max...hope you're still not death coz i will exposed you again. P.S i think muke claims are real tho...i pray for him and his family.