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Very insulting player
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Very insulting player
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Very insulting player
I went into a 10 ender with mgirgent, he won the 1st end 4-0 & because I would not leave he became very insulting. I can give as good as I get, anybody knows that but when he brings my wife into it who does not even play here then its personal & I want something done about him. Thanks.
Hello wulliebboy.When you have more problems in similar cases, use the Report Abuse info on the players. Moderators will surely see the messages.

click on that link 
Would like to report abuse? "fill the contact form"

with SS"Screenshot" will be great. How to make a Screenshot? 

Feel free to Report,preferably with a screenshot.

From here on if you see somebody who does not want to respect other players, who want to harm the game or something,click just in the nick of the player and make Report Abuse. You will have 3 options, choose better suitable for the problem. If anyone in the forum who has difficulty to Report someone please here has several information.

Look The Rulez 

Best Regards,Blood23.

I have not violated any rules. I did not insult you or ask you to leave.
Aye right whatever but i'm sure people here will find you out for themselves. If the mods care to look at the report I sent they will see it in the chat.
Sorry for the late response and just to confirm,action has been taken against the concerned player based on the abuse report sent.


 mgirgent has been rude to me on 2 occasions a while ago and I won't play him because of it. Poor attitudes ruin the game.