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Curling update
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Curling update
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Curling update
An update has been published for the curling game today.
It includes some bug fixes as well as new features. Namely:

- hogline bug fixed
- new features in the lobby
- available time is now 15s per shot, with an extra 2 minutes per end (per player)
- ability to "aim" outside the house
- rating calculation adjustment: only the winner counts, not the score.
new rules well done i like 15 second per shot cause usualy i spend 3-5 second per shot 
some good updates ! 

thank you for making it alive ! 
Very good update. I think the layout in with the dice being showed and your profile picture is nice, but a little too much. However, I won't complain about this! Great work.
lol the word "addict" appears by some names! I guess 5 dice people have issues in their life! :)
oh P.S. Thanks, all are great improvements!
Most of the updates are positive. However this scoring system is not good at all. Tonight, I played several games. In one game I (with about a 300 rating) played against a player with a rating of approximately 460. The score was 5-2, in a 6 end game. The results showed only a minus 6 in my results column. Makes NO SENSE. Then, against another 460 rated player, he won 3-2, in a 4 end game. The results column showed minus 4. Yet, in 2 end games, it lists the results for each end, regardless of who won the end. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this scoring system whatsoever!! Top rated players will only set their systems for long games, knowing that they have a 95 % chance of winning the overall game, thus taking every point available. A lower rated player will no longer challenge higher rated players, knowing that no matter how close they come to winning, they'll NEVER be able to gain any ratings points from that game. The old scoring system made far more sense.
Oh Winston...

It looks like it works as you get 1 point per end if you win. So if you if win a 6-ender, no matter the score, the ratings act as if you won 6-0. 

It's not perfect but makes much more sense than the old system where points differential matter for some reason when final scores are never an issue in modern curling, you either get a W or an L all the up to the World Championships. In some leagues you'll get a T.
So in a 6 end game, If I steal 1 point for 5 ends in a row and then my opponent scores 6 in the last end. I lose 5 points? 

Not sure if you explained that correctly rake. Not a big deal to me though.
It looks like, and the mods could 100 percent explain it better, but yes. Whoever wins the game gets 6 in a six ender. Then the rating calculator does it work to give you more or less ratings points depending on differential between you and your opponent.
available time is now 15s per shot, with an extra 2 minutes per end (per player)


And WHY ? Believe me this is wrong ! I'm Old Curling Player please back 5 min 30 sec ! This is just a Bad players good !
It's just 1 minute less total time and you can use it almost whenever you want. It is much better because you can now take 2 minutes on your last shot if you're in trouble, or distribute it, or just play faster :)
The time adjustment is the best thing about this update. But it'a all good.
Love the updates!!!  Especially the timer.  I haven't learned how the ratings work (nor do i care) but it seems the right people are inching up to the top.

Thanks Flyordie!

Next up....liven up the rocks a little, allow sweeping when passing close to other stones, and finally, make draws to the button harder.

pool9 "available time is now 15s per shot, with an extra 2 minutes per end (per player)


And WHY ? Believe me this is wrong ! I'm Old Curling Player please back 5 min 30 sec ! This is just a Bad players good !"

The time is the BEST update. You can still use more than 15 seconds per shot, don't feel rushed.
Talent seems pleased with this new scoring format, and he should be. The game is now geared strictly for the top 15 to 20 players on this site. For the hundreds & hundreds of others, it's HORRIBLE !! Notice now that all the elite, top-rated players are adjusting their settings for long games - 6 or 8 ends. Why? Because the odds of anyone else beating them in a 6 or 8 end game is 1 in a 1,000. Therefore, they are going to win virtually EVERY GAME they play. Their ratings keep going up...everyone else's keeps going down. Regardless of what a few people have stated in these forums, 90 % of the players have been coming here to live off the 'rush' of moving their rating points upward. Now, as the site will see, very shortly, not as many people are coming here and, those who do, are not playing as much. Bad news for the sponsors (ads). It's become virtually impossible now for the average player to move up  , in terms of ratings points. You play someone with a rating 40 points higher than you & lose 4-3, you LOSE points. You play someone with a rating 40 points lower than you & lose 4-3, you LOSE even more points. Over the past few days, I've tried EVERY POSSIBLE combination of opponents & number of ends - all with the same result - LOST POINTS (win or lose). Meanwhile, I notice that the top 15 highest ranked players just keep accumulating more & more ratings points. The game that was so much fun, for the past two years, has suddenly lost it's luster. You'll notice that people are 'taking up space' in the lobby, with their silly 'alarm clocks' set, & seldom play. They have to wait forever to find just the right opponent so that their ratings points will not be destroyed by choosing the 'wrong opponent.' I'll play anyone, but usually the only people who don't have their 'alarm clocks' set are those with lower ratings. If I beat them,I usually lose points, because the margin of victory isn't big enough. If I lose, the ratings points really take a beating. I'm down about 80 points, in just a few days, since this new system was launched. At this rate I should be back to BEGINNER or NOVICE status within a week or two!
Old is, 5min 30sec  ... why not ? 2min 15 sec ....What is the explanation ?
"If I beat them,I usually lose points"

This is simply not true.

   WinstonPHD " I've tried EVERY POSSIBLE combination of opponents & number of ends - all with the same result - LOST POINTS (win or lose)."

So if you win or lose, you ALWAYS lose points? Also, in a week, you CAN NOT have tried "every possible combination of opponents & number of ends". Let's be realistic in our exaggeration.  

 WinstonPHD  "If I beat them,I usually lose points, because the margin of victory isn't big enough.

So do you ALWAYS lose points when you win or lose or is it "USUALLY"?  It can't be both. 

If what you say about the new points system is true {I do not know how it works really} then it sounds like people will be complaining left, right and center very soon.
All you need to do is check my results column, over the past 48 hours. You'll see that there are a couple of games that I won, yet, my ratings points dropped. So, to correct you, it's VERY POSSIBLE !! With this dumb scoring system, choosing the proper opponent will become more of a 'game' than the game itself. You can't pick a player with too high a rating, because you'll never beat them and points will be lost. Or, if you choose a player with too low a rating, a loss costs you big-time points and a win, by too close a margin, will still result in lost points. It's just mind-numbing to think how you could screw up such a good thing!!
Mark...My term, "EVERY POSSIBLE COMBINATION" was simply a figure of speech. I would have hoped that you would interpreted it that way. Let's just say that I've tried "dozens" if you must have such accuracy. 
"every possible combo" and "dozens", are very different.

If the operator says it can happen, are you sure you're losing points when you win? I thought that was done away with.

Can someone review Winston's log and check if there's an issue?
WinstonPHD's results are fine, he is just a little befuddled and confused, 
as usual
. :)

As for Pool9, the old time settings were; 5_min total per end and 1_min per throw.  But he has only played a couple 2_enders since the updates so he really shouldn't comment.

I think all the changes are great.  Of course there are still some bugs that could use some fixing, but this is most assuredly a good start.

The news points system to be effective it must create groups compared to the levels of the players.
Group 1:red and brown...Group2:yellow...Group3:blue...and so on.
A blue player can only play against another blue player and if he win 240 points wille become yellow and rise in Group 2 and vice versa.For a player who loses yellow against yellow player group has come down from 239 points.
Every player can continue select the number of end that he prefers.
Put a minimum of 2 ends would be fine for a best fairplay.
This system coud finally prevent losers as "el quetzal" rot this game.
Each player can of course watch the games in any groups.

Google traduction sry...I hope you have und...lol

Friendly Fabrice
Winston has no PHD.

He is an attention seeker or just not that bright.

He couldn't figure out why his connection problems were bad when he was piggybacking off someone's wifi. 

Winston has no PHD.

(my poem for the day)
5+1min.... okay, 5 mins too much, but I have got the +1 min ! so 2+1 min good !!!
2 min enough, but i need +1 !!!
winston has no phd? the rake you have been here 3 years and are only 150 type of player.:D you comment on every post like you are the best on fod when reality is you could even beat el quetzal. You can't make fun of others when you have no authority to. You just seem a tad crazy. 
regards brb1397
Anyone? Support 2+(1) mins ??? Think about it !
lol ratings stab. You don't even half of the problems I've been having with my computer. The fact I play 8 enders and it crashes my browser on the 2nd rock. You don't see me in here complaining about this stuff.
I actually think bonobo's idea is good.
So people won't have to worry about some high-rated players intentionally picking low-rated players to cheat
This is a re-post from another thread that I believe many have not seen. 

Price of losing too high for long games	 Posted: May 13, 2013 10:06 PM
First, I would like to thank the administrators for the recent changes made to the game. Emphasis on winning games and not difference in the score is exactly what the game needed. It makes it much more like real curling and eliminates the need for higher ranked players to humiliate lower ranked players to keep their rating.

However I do think that a minor adjustment would make the rating system more fair for all. I played a 10 end game against an opponent with a rating 21 points less than mine. It was a tight game all the way, but I won with a single point in the 10th end. I gained 23 rating points for the game. I thought that was too generous for playing a nearly equally rated opponent. It started me thinking about how the ratings are calculated.

I was confused at first, but with some help from TI-KASS, I discovered how it works. For those of you that are confused with the system, here is how it works:

If you play a 4-end game, If you win the game, REGARDLESS OF THE FINAL SCORE, The systems calculates the new ratings as if you won 1 end by a 4-0 score, with differences in ratings factored in. In a 2-ender, it uses 2-0, 6-ender 6-0, etc.

For the 10 end game I mentioned above, I was awarded a 10-0 single end win, which is why I got the 23 point increase.

I went to the ratings calculator on the FAQ portion of this page and compared the rating increase/decrease based on the number of ends played. Below are the results for 2 players with the same rating:

10 ends: +/-25
8 ends: +/-22
6 ends: +/-19
4 ends: +/-14
3 ends: +/-10
2 ends: +/-7

If a player is concerned about his rating, this is a problem. If a players loses a 10 end game, he would lose 11 more points than if he lost a 4 end game. A player might rather play a shorter game to lower his risk of losing points.

Since the changes in the rating system is supposed to reward winning GAMES, why shouldn't the change of rating be independent of the number of ends played?

I have a minor modification that would get rid of this issue. As in FIFA football, a win should be calculated as a 3-0 single end win and draws should be 1-1, REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF ENDS IN THE GAME. The ratings change for evenly matched players would be 10 points for a win, which is not excessive.

Thanks for reading this rather long post, please let me know your opinions. 

Double posting is bad.  We all saw this the first time.  These long rambling threads deserve to die.
Starting a new thread was the right thing to do.

Here is a link to the original post and thread:


And finally, in answer:

It is perfectly normal for a bigger game to be worth more.

This is a double post but I have to state my original reply for the record.

Yes NJS has a point, i'd agree with what he said.

double posting about double posting is bad etiquette. It has nothing to do with the current thread as well.
I apologize to all.  I am not familiar with the etiquette rules for forums.  I will not do this in the future.  
NJS was just adding what he thought was important, there's nothing wrong with that,

It's "bad etiquette" to step on a guy trying to supply information to a conversation. He didn't do anything wrong.

That said, I think we can live with these changes for awhile and see some real results, all with our own eyes. If there's a major flaw, I'm sure the FoD people will correct it.

Why in lobby I have 2 dots but in info 0 ? 
The rules are more logic, no objections

But more sounds of door slams appeared in the games))
The rules oblige some players to leave the games before the game ends, 
but anyway it’s like in the real curling, 

So I am all for it!

Haven't played in a while, see there are some changes, looks good! 
What is the "candidate" thing?
 hangingkayaker, each dice number is now associated with a word signaling the level of your "commitment" to the game.  
Hog is right, with heavy takeout weight, the shooter should roll a lot more. A half rock hit on max weight should be like a grenade for the shooter rock. 

Draws should be tough, maybe with the weight, maybe with the line, maybe both a little and sweeping shouldn't stop when passing near rocks, that isn't even close to realistic.

Anyway, the updates are great and a few more tweaks will get the game as close to real as possible.

Drag effect might be an easy change, it may not be but I would voe for it and subscribe for sure if these few updates were in place.