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8 ball Tourney. :p
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8 ball Tourney. :p
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8 ball Tourney. :p
Helloooo. :)
Well the last tourney went well so i decided to create another one. 
1st round > rt6
2nd round > rt7
Semifinal > rt8
Final > rt10

And please just join if you can play all games, thanks.

Greetz Tommy. :)

sers tommy, 

wann soll das stattfinden? kann man sich mit seinem gegner wieder über einen termin einigen oder wirst du die vorgeben? Falls man sich die selber aussuchen kann bin ich dabei.

Jop koennt ihr euch aussuchen wie immer.
I'm in this one :p

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
Dont be so lazy guys. :)
At least 16 should be in.
I'll play then :)

I didn't want to scare of the opposition. *please not sarcasm is wasn't obvious* ;)
Note sarcasm if it wasn't obvious***

I should check posts before I send them after just waking up haha.
Tomorow i will start the tourney even if there are no 16 players. :)
So; i will start now the first round:

Gary Ridgway :  Lα νiε єѕt јuѕŧє 
Shaun Murphy no1 : Taterz
ThUnDeR : Freak84
Concentrate got bye
Im Back147 2 :  IInSaN3xSTyLeZ
marcel0803 :  Stephen&Hendry 
woboy : s21b4
Рєrѕρєстινє. got bye

It is race to 6 and i wish good luck to everyone. :)
5 days time guys. :p

Greets Tommy
s21b4 were can i find your, do you play 8ball in room1? im there most nights
marcel0803 is banned out of this tourney and all of my future tourneys.

Stephen&Hendry so you are in 2nd round, grt. :)
oh didnt see this message Tommy, ty, but anyway i won 6-1 against Marcel :) ggs.
Won 6-1 against Freak84.

Ty for games Lars.

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
@ woboy yes i play 8 ball room 1 im there most days i have 2 nics s21b4 and สตีฟ
@ woboy looks like i just missed you. tell me a time and i will be there, cheers :)
Hi, tomorow in the evening i would like to call the Quarter Finals so lets play guys :)
im on today till about 4-5pm s21 can you play now?
won 6-0 against s21.

ggs ty m8
I cancel my participation in this tourney.
Hello all.
Cause of the numbers of players which didnt played i decided to start the tourney again with 8 players.

Matches are; 

Taterz : ThUnDeR
Concentrate : Im Back147 2
Stephen&Hendry : woboy
Shaun Murphy no1 : Рєrѕρєстινє.

Sorry but I had not really another chance.

Good Luck for everyone
Hi woboy, can we start our match tomorrow (2nd April) at 5-6 pm GMT? I will online in 8-ball or snooker room 1. ty
yea il be online about 6pm UK time mate.
lost 7-4 against stephen. hsd to use a crap computer but nevermind, very embarrassing. nevermind gl.
Have not managed to find Thunder, sorry for delay, i search billiards rooms when i come online but not other games
Smashed 7-1 by Thunder. Well worth winner congrats and gl
Won 7-1 against Taterz.  Ggs thanks.

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
I retired from billiard games, gl others in tournaments.
Oh, i was on to call the netx round this evening. :(
Here is the semifinal.

Stephen&Hendry retired from FOD so woboy is in semifinal.

ThUnDeR : Concentrate
woboy : Shaun Murphy no1

gl all race to 8 :p

I might not be able to play it m8, need to buy another laptop as my other has broke, thats why ive not been on for past few week. il try get one asap tho :)
I can't find Concentrate.  Because he got banned. :|

I will write him on forum.
We can play monday or tuesday Stezz. :)