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Merry xmas to all!!!! 
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Merry xmas to all!!!! 
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Merry xmas to all!!!! 
MERRY XMASSSS!!! I hope y'all go what you wish for but more importantly health. Coz we can have everything we want but what gd would it be if we didn't have gd health. So *cheers* for everybody. 
A special christmas to the following:
Anubis (the green man) :p
Nill (Nill Armstrong)
Nathan (the future NFL player)
Artik (the pro mod) lol
Jeff  (the guy that from the bottom got to the top)
Land Lord Landy
Erik aka Kreaper 
Luis (yes ,u read right) :)
Tina (K) what color bentley you want Tina? :p
Justin lol 
my English muffin (Sam)
dat tiger (haven't seen you in long time but i remember u)
GraveRobber (hope to see u next xmas man u the best) 
Suzy SFT_Suzy
UAG Sergio
dirty harry 
Der Till
Kling Klang
ratpatrol aka Rob (i got to know u better n u kool guy)
Yama (i miss u my french fry:p)
That's the most i can remember now...i'll give more thanks to those that keep poping in mind..Srry i just can't remember all of you because i just got off work. 

Half the names you mentioned have been bad mouthing you for years , yet you still did the right thing and made a few decent comments about some of them.

well done max , enjoy your Xmas little man.
Merry xmas and a happy easter for next year:$
Merry xmas Melissa, good for you you found ur GFT nickname back.

btw i wish a special xmas to:

Melissa of course
gustavo (atlantico_br)
Erik (Shotgun)
Jeff [I learned alot of him of nickmaking, dueling etc]
Vivek [I found him back on fb very funny!]
zama and Dead Duck [2 old generals]
ftw gamer [good player, young talent!]
Vikrant [Hes still the same, hope i can team him next year!]
Henk91 [veel succes met chess.com toegewenst!)
Rafa (FTW_Colonel)
Tiger R2 (FTW_Hopper)
and finaly Saori Kido [wonderkid great tanx player!

The rest i cant remember, but i wish them all the best!

--> Ubermacht Sentinel <--
Thanks for your kind words Melissa and i wish all a happy new year. Best wish all of you good old timers a great holidays.

And yes i still lurk in the forums at the very least keep in touch.

P.s. Luis
Who cares if its max or not, yet the old days won't come but yet not forgotten. We can still have the peace between people like civilized humans :D and still say hi.

hope you all had a great new years eve.

P.s. Luis
Why did you type P.S Luis lol

P.S would be what you said if you had to type something extra like this > P.S , hello darling , i forgot your phone number , give me a ring!

LOL , just an example , but yea curious why you put your name after p.s , everyone knows ur luis from like a year ago bruh.