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Billiards Tours - Season Starter Tournament Draws
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Billiards Tours - Season Starter Tournament Draws
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Billiards Tours - Season Starter Tournament Draws
Hello FlyOrDie'rs.

Those who registered at eBubble Online Billiards Tours before the 15th November 2012 have been added into the Season Starter Tournament that will be running on the 28th November 2012.

Here's some more information on this tournament;

The Official Draw


The winner of this tournament receives 1 months FlyOrDie subscription.

For more information on how the ranking points structure work for this tournament, please go to;

 Season Starter Tournament Details


Nice set up you have here , if i was a regular i would for sure consider competing but i'm more skilled with a sweeping brush then a pool cue unfortunately hehehe.

Anyway Nice & keep it up , best of luck to all who competes!
hi sulli, is this 8ball snooker or 9ball tourny and when do the games have to be played for mate
Hi Sullivan, great job with everything!

Can't wait for the tourny, I've never met my opponent or know of their timezone and others might have this problem also. What shall we do if we cannot find our opponent on the day?

On the main tournament website, you can see the options available for the latest tournaments;

> Draws
> Schedules
> Calender.

I am currently updating the website, however, you should find the information you need to start playing tournaments.

More tournaments will be added to the website following the update, all games will have at least 40 tournaments running each season.


All match times have been now updated.

If you cannot find the player on the time scheduled for your match, we recommend that you wait 30 minutes from the original time.

You can find match times on the Tournament Draw page, link below;


Kind Regards,

tried to log in  on my nickname Madalin.™ and now I can t . The reason is ban evasion  , but on this nick name didnt played even 1 game. What can I do Sullivan 88 and I can play anymore in tournament?
hi Madelin.

Unfortunately, you will need to negotiate with FlyOrDie regarding your nickname issues and the issues regarding the banishment of your nickname on FlyOrDie.

At this current moment in time, you will not be able to play on the eBubble Tours until all your current bans are cleared from FlyOrDie, once that you are sure that you are allowed to create a new nickname on FlyOrDie, you may register a new nickname on eBubble Online Billiards Tours.

Please remember that FlyOrDie's Rules of Use also apply to eBubble Online Snooker Tours. 

If you have any issues regarding your ban on FlyOrDie, I recommend that you contact FlyOrDie directly at; support@flyordie.com

I hope to see you participating in the tours soon, take care and good luck.

Kind Regards,


Hi Sullivan88. I send an email at support@flyordie.com but if you want to help me I will be grateful. Can you talk with flyordie team about my problem? I want very much to can play on eBubble , I like new tournament format  and want to play with nickname "Madalin.™ " but now I cant because is banned. I just entered on eBubble to register when had demerit on "Madalin." nickname and get banned for ban evasion/multiple nicks. Wont happen to play with 2 nicks  and to insult or harassing others .  Thanx in advance Sullivan and ty because you answered on my first post.
hi Madalin.

Unfortunately, I am unable to email FlyOrDie support on your behalf because of privacy issues, although I run the tours at eBubble Online Billiards Tours, this does not run through FlyOrDie's systems, and therefore, I cannot get information regarding your accounts and the reasons for banishments from your FlyOrDie accounts.

I'm sorry that I could not help you with this, however, be patient and FlyOrDie "may" email you back regarding the issues on your account(s).

PS: If you are banned permanently from FlyOrDie for Harassing/Insulting others or any other reasons, then I'd say that you may struggle maintaining a nickname for the entire duration of a tour season, as you may receive bans for "Ban Evasion", remember that you are only allowed 1 nickname on the Tours.

Once that your ban(s) have expired, please feel free to join eBubble Online Billiards Tours again.

Kind Regards,

when its 5pm utc german time ?  Its 18.00 ???
and when we cant play at this time ??
hi ..hardball..

It'll be 18:00PM (6 o'clock) in German time. 

If you cannot play at this time then you will need to notify   me before the 21st November as it will be too late after then.

Kind Regards,
hi Sullivan. Dont if my nicname "Madalin.™ can be reactivate, didnt received any answer .  Can I  register with other nicname on eBubble ? When and can participate in next tournament or on tournament from 28 November? Thank you.
hi Madelin,

You are welcome to re-register at eBubble Online Billiards Tours if you are no longer banned on FlyOrDie, however, you can no longer play in the next event because the draws have already been processed.

There is a tournament soon after the Season Starter Tournament that you are more than welcome to play in.

I am currently updating the eBubble Online Billiards Tours website, so that there are more tournaments running throughout a Tour season.

I hope to see you playing in tournaments soon, register at eBubble Online Billiards Tours at: 

Kind Regards,
Hi Taterz, 

I think im your first opponent. Do you care if we play two hours later cause i will still be at work at that time.

Thanks by advance and good luck.

Thats fine Eddy np, thats 7pm GMT my time so whenever is fine by me.

Do we know what rooms the game are played in? Or is it not set.
Yes i mean 7pm GMT time. I don't know in witch room the tourney is played. Perhaps Sullivan88 will post something about that later.
Hi m8 Sullivan. I saw that now I apper on eBubble rankings with 4500  points and 1 game played, but appera with nickname "Madalin" ; You said me to register with other nickname who is "Madalin."I registered and I dont appear in 8 ball rankings and in snooker rankings appear  as "Madalin" with 4500 points.Can I play in start season tour with Madalin. nickname with player "Enigma" ? The nickname banned "Madalin.™" was deleted  from eBubble tour? And i registered with nickname "Madalin." and in rankings appear "Madalin". Why and  when can participate in tournaments and why dont appear in 8 ball rankings? Ty very much because you helped me  and now I appear on your site and please answer to my questions. Ty by advance.
All tournaments will be played in a room that will be linked directly from the tournament page on the day, it will be also accessable through the "Upcoming Tournaments" heading on the eBubble Online Billiards Tours website. 

Madalin, you are unable to join this tournament on the 28th November 2012 because you were banned from FlyOrDie during the draw process for this next tournament.

Your nickname "Madalin" is what you registered to eBubble with.

The next 8 ball tournament will be running soon, as I said before, as soon as the new website comes out, there will be tournaments all the time. 

Kind Regards,


Sorry i didnt see you in the room? You available for the game now?
Ignore my last post, the games are next week, not this...lol
Hello Sullivan88 and Virtual World™!

I want to ask you to change time of our game in 1st round from 28th Nov 05:00 PM (UTC)to 28th Nov 06:00 PM (UTC)

hello Stephen&Hendry,

That is fine by me, I will contact Virtual World and ask him about this, I am sure that there will be not problems changing the time. 

I will update you As Soon As Possible on this. 

Kind Regards,
Hello Sullivan,

Can you please all so change our match time to 7 pm GMT. Tarterz and me are both ok to play at that time.

thanks by advance. 

Hello eddy_fast,

That is fine, your new scheduled match time is 7:00 PM (GMT) on Wednesday 28th November 2012.

Kind Regards,

Users will temporarily be unable to register on an eBubble Billiards Tour because of website updates, registrations will be enabled as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

I have just finished updating the eBubble Online Billiards Tours website. I hope you like the new look and easier to navigate around the website.

Noticeable Changes:

> Users can now register from the homepage for easier use.

> More detailed Tournament information for each tournament.

> A list of upcoming tournaments have been added to the homepage.

> Latest news can now be viewed from the home page without having to go to a separate page.

I hope you like these changes,

Kind Regards,
Thought we had to play it on that date?
hi Shaun Murphy no1,

All game dates are the same, all first round fixtures for the Season Starter Tournament are on the 28th November 2012.

Kind Regards,
I will not be able to play at this time. Soonest possible would be 21.30 utc or weekend . Anything i can do if i cant connect to opponent or he not wanna change ?
hi ..hardball.. 

Are you able to play at 22:00 on the 28th November or possibly 15:00PM on the 29th?

Of course I would have to notify lapoueze about this change of schedule.


Stephen&Hendry, the new time has been updated to 6:00PM UTC. 

OK thanks.

Scheduled match time has been updated.

Kind Regards,
Hi Sullivan88.I saw that at Snooker Masters can participate just first 16. Dont know what means "Entry DS".Can I receive an wildcard? Thank you.
hi Madalin.

I cannot offer wildcards to any players until nearer the time of the tournament. 

You may not need a wildcard, depending on the scheduled rankings change after the Season Starter Tournament, you may find that you are still in the top 16 and therefore, are able to play in the Masters.

DS (Dedicated Stats) - This is a new option for the top 16 ranked players, those who participate in the Masters tournament will get a dedicated stats page on eBubble Online Billiards Tours.

Kind Regards,

Hi , i could play at 21.30 utc or later that should be 22.30 german time , ty.
I can play 1 or 2 hours later official time...
21.30 french time is ok for me, 22.30 is bit too late i think
21.30 french time is 21.30 german time but i cant play before 22.30 .
i wake up 5.30 am every day.. 22.30 is a bit late tbh
i dont know if weekend possible ?
I can't really do it, however, I will make an exception.

If you both agree a time, I can transfer the match time until the weekend, however, you will have to play your round 1 match and the winner will have to play their round 2 match on the same day.

Please could you reply to this post by 4:00PM (UTC) on the 28th.

Kind Regards,

saturday would be no prbl, any time.
Oh i didnt visit here. I want admit for me. Have i a chance?

Sullivan88, Who I play in second round? and i propose make tournament second round at friday evening because is Power snooker tournament, ty
maybe saturday afternoon or friday 22.30 like u suggested
hi Everyine.

The first round fixtures did not go too bad, however, the non turn-up of some players will not happen again as from the next tournament, all the draws will be done differently to assure that everyone plays on their scheduled time. 

You can now view the Quarter Final draws here:


Your next match is between the winner of "lapoueze and ..hardball..) on Friday the 30th November 2012. Please refer to the link above for more information on the fixture.

I would like to congratulate Mateusz and Gary Ridgway for making centuries in their first round matches, way to go.

Kind Regards,
ok i can only play saturday,  friday impossible
I can play my match at Saturday 10 am (UTC) or 7 pm (UTC)
Hi Sullivan,

I won my match but why am i not on the final draw? Why i there five match on the quarter final? Will i get a chance to play?

thanks by advance.
Hmmm and where is me ? Firstly i waited for geelong6, you said i should wait for him, but he didn't come. Then i wrote at forum about games with you...and now i don't see my name in tournament draws ?

What is going on ?

hi, Ronnie O.KIEV.UA and eddy_fast.

We are currently awaiting the Lapoueze vs Harball result before the draws update these matches.

You should see the changes in the draws tomorrow afternoon.

Sorry for the delay, some players have not played their matches yet.

Kind Regards,
hi again.

eddy_fast plays Ronnie O.KIEV.UA as stated on the draws page at eBubble. This game must conclude by 5pm (UTC) tomorrow evening.

Once again, we are sorry about the inconvenience, our system likes to do things the hard way round.

This match will be (RT5 - Room 5, Snooker) 

Good luck both,

Kind Regards,

Well done to Mateusz for winning the Season Starter Snooker Tournament. 

Mateusz: Please could you tell me what account of yours that you would like to be subscribed on? eBubble Online Billiards Tours owes you a months subscription for winning this tournament.

This tournament went well, well done to Gary Ridgway for making the highest break of 124 in the opening round.

Mateuez made the second highest break of 117.

As you will know, this was the first tournament on the eBubble Billiards Tours website, all tournament draws will be done different starting from the next tournament (The Premier League).

Note to all players on the eBubble Online Billiards Tours... eBubble now has a co-administrator, (Manchester City.)

Thanks for participating in this tournament, all ranking points have been updated.

Kind Regards,
eBubble Admin
just a little correction, i made a 121
Apologies for my absence in the tournament, and congratulations on the successful running of it.

My girfriend has now given birth so obviously I have new responsibilities and I won't be on Fod in the coming months, cya all soon.

Gl for the rest of the Ebubble tour running