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Dots system of fod
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Dear Moderators
Dots system of fod
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Dear Moderators
Dots system of fod
i hav been playing many games on fod  i saw many 2012 players getting 5 dots (dice). i m 2011 user played nearly 4600+ games in tanx 200 in 9 ball pool and many but still on 4 dots (biggy). its my humble request to u to give me 5 dots as i m regular user

Thank You,

Just enjoy playing the games you love.
Dot system was ment to let a player know his loyalty but it makes you a system player who abuses the fun of other players and im strictly against that.
Thanks for the replies my friends. :)
Reacting is still a offence, use report function and mods will take action.
Compagnonship, Solidarity and Trustworthness is much more important than dices given for loyalty towards FOD and Solware Ltd.
Yeah especially more than dots can provide.
Dices are worth because of vip but being in a clan and getting giftsub is way more worth than dot system.
Just all be good so ther no need for the mods to take a way the dots away 

Have fun smile more :)

So people provoke me, then I get punished for reacting...
And it will take awhile to get them back?

Fine then, a different question...how do I have my account deleted entirely?
Based on your moderation history, it will take awhile. I suggest to maintain your good behavior and keep playing more games (with respect to the FOD community) as well.

FOD Moderation Team
What happened to my dots?  When will I be able to get more?
>Where can I check the exact value of my Oldtimer Score?

You can't.

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
Where can I check the exact value of my Oldtimer Score?
i still think there should be a permanent recognition for those of us with 9 dots.

Maybe a blue star or something?
Flyordie giths red star when u have 8 dots 1 Month and 9 dots  2 months 

Have a good day and have fun 
The red star isn't a normal gift sub

My clan mate gift subbed me and i don't have that red icon.

I think its the icon they use for the reward subscription , not the normal gift one , i might be wrong but since i dont have the red star i'm quite curious myself.
the red star is a gift subscription, it has nothing to do with dots.
If it did i would have one as i have 9 dots. 

as i said above they already have an icon.

look around in 8ball for a red star beside someones name?

i saw it like a week ago.
I mean one that can be seen next to your name in the lobbly and games, not just hidden away on your info page
well, thx FOD for my 2 months free subscription (i have 9 dots ;) )
what i think would be a good gesture for our loyaly and good behaviour is to have an icon like sub star only better to show those of us with 9 dots
if you guys handing out extra dots might aswell give me another 1.im on 7 had 2dems in 8years and been subbed for last 1 and a half years and have active sub for another 12months.
i have also ran 1200 8ball tournaments in league which keeps players playing & encourages staff members to sub for linking purposes.
also played over 16000 games in billiards and played several other game types on here.
Hello... :)  Ive played 4000+ games but im stuck on 6 dots... can anyone help me?? thankyou pete :)
lol@ dot madness. I myself never really care about dots too. All i care was to just be a good person to others. I even help other people with the game (tanx) most of them were new players exploring FOD site...i even convinced them to become subscribes in this site...in other words, i got FOD 20-30 customers on my life-time span in FOD 06-12 and i never got rewarded for this! but in the end, i got rewarded from those players with a big THANK YOU and that's all that matters :) 
I think is not fair to not get dots anymore if you was banned temporarlly  or get demerit in the past.I think I have almost 1 year since I wasnt banned  and I still dont have any dot.I think Flyordie team should chance the rules about this point.
lol i have 4 dots now and i play fairly.i try to play more fairly and get more dots:)
The more dots you have, you more loyal you are to the FlyOrDie games.  And such memebers are awarded every now and then for their loyalty (See below thread):


Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
Hello... What exactly are the dots for? I see a bunch of post about dots, but I don't understand why you need them.
>dont even see the point of these dots ! they are only that DOTS ! I COULD NOT CARELESS IF I HAD THEM OR NOT !! what is the big deal.....dot madness i think 

If you don't care about them then don't spam this thread.

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
dont even see the point of these dots ! they are only that DOTS ! I COULD NOT CARELESS IF I HAD THEM OR NOT !! what is the big deal.....dot madness i think 
>If some operator can tell me what i should do?

Just keep playing and behaving :p  It will come, eventually..

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
Can someone tell me what a 'dot' is?
High all!
Im here sins 2000(2003)with this nick iwas banned(demerit)a few times(3 i think)!Im on 8 dots waiting for nr 9!Iplay every day (ca.100 frames) and i exepted the rules now,but i cant get this 9 dot?!
If some operator can tell me what i should do?

p.s.:i dont want to make new account,i love my nick,and look how long im here,so pls help me out of this!

Hello everyone , hope you are all well...   Ive been stuck on 6 dots for what it seems an eternity, could someone please tell me how close i am to getting my 7th dot please?  Thanks in advance pete.  
The amount of dice you receive is based on how much you play rated games and avoiding conflict between players (No insulting/arguing).

You have to earn the dice Vivek you cannot just request that FlyOrDie give you them because you played here & there.

You never stuck around long enough to really obtain anymore thats why you have 4.

4 is good by the way.

I have never got demerit and never cheated or insulted anyone have a clean record never banned and playing 5 or more fod games daily approx 50 in tanx 20, in 9 ball,etc
somtimes play more than 50 in tanx :p 100 or more also so i request as i deserve 5 dots
If you see that some new users have 5 dots in just 3 months of playing games ,that's because they have a clean moderation file with no punishments. 

Keep the good behaviours (don't create inapropriate nicks and do not insult ) ,so you will get more dots in your dice info .

Translator (FlyOrDie Moderator)