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Moderators challenge you! Pool8
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Moderators challenge you! Pool8
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Moderators challenge you! Pool8
Hello everyone :).
We decided to organise a little competition between players of the site and moderators in different games. This week we're going to start from challenging pool8 players :p.

Details of the tournament system:

There will be several 5 vs 5 (according to the current plan) matches: 
5 moderators face 5 players in 5 separated games; side which wins at least 3 games wins the whole 5 vs 5 match
. When all the 5v5 matches are finished the results of the event will be published here on forum and those results will be included in overall Flyordie players' and moderators' teams score in the end, when same events will happen in all other Flyordie games :).

How to participate:

You can register by leaving a reply to this topic that says you would like to play
. Unfortunately, we will not be able to play too many players, so 
the first 20 to reply this topic will automatically be registered for this event
However, there might be needed a substitution if someone will register but won't be able to come, or if we will have enough time, we could increase the number of total matches (or format, e.g. 6 vs 6)

Moderators' team will be waiting for its opponents 
this Friday (28 Sep) in Pool8 League room 1
, event starts 
1 hour before Go tournament
 (please check 
 Event lasts maximum 1 hour.

Well, that's it for now :p. See you later!
TCA NightWalker (FlyOrDie Moderation team)
Hello mate.
I am in. 
Nice idea. :)

Sign me up, would be good practice for me again ;) :P
I would like to play. H
Sounds great, i would like to try this! :)
yes i would like to join sounds fun
count me in ! :D

[Edited by: Mervin on 27.09.2012 21:16]
Will be hard for you mod if I look on the players which already joined. :D
I would like to give the moderators a fair chance....so i wont join this competition. 
Hi guys i'm in and would like to show u my non pro skills :D
This tournament part has finished, here are the results :).

1st match:

Mervin VS luckys back (1-0)
TCA NightWalker VS Sexy Movimiento (0-1)
Don Tico VS αιит иσ ѕυиѕнιиє (0-1)
Mr.Phill VS fluter1977 (0-1)
Total: Players win the match with 3-1 score.

2nd match:

Mervin VS Сяаzў Снєяяў (1-0)
TCA NightWalker VS Gary Ridgway (0-1)
Don Tico VS Mater™ (0-1)
Mr.Phill VS Zero Skillz.™ (1-0)
Total: Match ended in a draw, 2-2.

3rd match:

Mervin VS Haladó (0-1)
TCA NightWalker VS Tactical Player. (0-1)
Don Tico VS Zero Skillz.™ (0-1)
Mr.Phill VS fluter1977 (0-1)
KANE123 VS luckys back (1-0)
Total: Players win the match with 4-1 score.

4th match:

Mervin VS αιит иσ ѕυиѕнιиє (1-0)
TCA NightWalker VS Сяаzў Снєяяў (0-1)
Translator VS Sexy Movimiento (0-1)
Mr.Phill VS Gary Ridgway (0-1)
KANE123 VS Mater™ (0-1)
Total: Moderators win the match with 3-2 score.

Total result of event: 2 matches won by players' side, 1 by moderators' side, and 1 ended in a draw.

P.S. Please excuse a little chaos while arranging games from my side, I simply forgot to rearrange players and fix their position in this tournament on a paper, so that pairings would be done faster and in the same manner for all matches. I will work hard on improving it :). thanks.