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Stat questions for a mage character.
Stat questions for a mage character.
Stat questions for a mage character.
Right now I have a Persistence Mage that I am working on. His stats are:

Level: 30

Hitpoints: 773
Manapoints: 1057

Strength: 1
Quickness: 23
Intelligence: 44
Luck: 1
Dexterity: 1
Persistence: 77

The plan is to start focusing on Intelligence since all these mana-draining monsters are starting to cramp my style. I'm also considering putting everything in Quickness so I can hit everything first by level 100 (like Murkatos). Is this wise? Would anyone have any other suggestions in how to continue building this character?
I don't see where to edit posts, so I'll post again for clarification.

Quickness training would come after INT training and would be carefully planned to match Murkatos's Quickness at level 100. 
Hi! I've had my own 
 experiences with my mage. 

First, I should inform you that quickness-based Mages are terribly inefficient at splatting; it's usually only a good idea to invest points in extra quickness if you intend to spend a large amount of your time on Larkinor island or running trips for monstology. 

Second, I should also inform you that most mana-draining monsters are going to be unbeatable for at least the first level you find them regardless of how much you invest in int. 

With those in mind, and if you're deadset on an int or quick-based mage, I'd highly recommend you put a few more points into Persistence; I like the number 100! After that, you can keep Intelligence at a fairly high number and still invest plenty of points into quickness.

P.S. You can't edit posts here, once you post it's there forever :p
I was thinking about going for Quickness since it seems to be more important in PVP, but I keep realizing that PVP is kind of... rare.

Hmm... what would you suggest for a compromise between splatting and PVP?
Oh STOP!  You're making me blush.

Tyler is right - get your Persistence to 100.  I wish I had.  Ideal build would be to get Pers to 100 before adding any points to Quick or Int, but that would be really tedious.  Step 2 is get Int to 84, in order to maximize your manapoints (no need to go beyond 84 since 109 is maximum Magic level).  Last, get Quick to 180.

200 Quickness is fun, but not really necessary.  180 Quick would be more than enough to always hit first when splatting.  It's also nice because you don't have to worry about how much paralysis/disease you get - you never get double hits against you.  If you put more points in Persistence, then you will be able to carry more nubs in your pack, which means you can splat longer before needing to unload.

Good luck...  Your character looks well built to me.  Just 8 more levels and you're at 100 Persistence.  Keep it up!

Nyin (Murkatos)
you can simply follow the advanced character guide (beware: NOT the character guide,that is for beginners,I really meant the advanced one) and everything will be ok (I am doing so with mine)
Ah, yes, for those seeking less specific stat advice, they can refer here: