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Where have all the quality 8 and 9 players gone?
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Where have all the quality 8 and 9 players gone?
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Where have all the quality 8 and 9 players gone?
Ive just stated FOD again and noticed theres a only a few old quality players here e.g lapoueze Loval King1 etc , come back people! new version is just as easy as the old and i prefer new version now so much more stuff to do, the 8 ball lobby used to be full of 700's 600's and 500's and now theres hardly any.. 



I agree with you, in the past, there was numerous players with high ratings and huge talent throughout the FlyOrDie 8 ball and 9 ball games, however, there is still a significant number of "Higher" rated players throughout these games.

I defiantly feel that it would be fantastic for players to come back to FlyOrDie and participate in the games, but we can just wait and see what happens.

There is still enough class players out there
Yeah, there are some new + some old class players. 
New Generation. ;)

I suspect that we lost a lot of players after the update. I must admit that I was sceptical of the new format at first but having gotten used to it have found that I am a lot better on this version than the old. I consistently average over 500 on this version whereas the old version i was rarely above 400. Anyways that's what I think has probably happened, that after the update a lot of players decided to leave which is a shame really as I find this new version brilliant and far superior to the old version.
I'm still here ;)  LOL

FlyOrDie Moderator
i havent been around for ages and i notice a decrease in the quality of players per level.by the way there has been an update but they didnt consider finally fixing side spin?
players in 2006-2007 were really better but they wont comeback, damien domi lucas and more..
Don't worry boys, I'm back to show you why I was the best 8baller ever. 


Just using this one, can't remember any of my others! 
06/07 were the glory days of this site for snooker/8ball for sure! 
I am also back.


and so on.

greetz, ric.
Free-Choice. is back aswell :) one of the best of 06-07 :) just like hara kir 
I'm back too, just got back from world pool championship.
I'm now 2012 peoples choice pro.

PS: the tourney I played in was at the bar and there was only 3 sign ups, but I won first and the owner said I was a champion.

Thanks, Darren
I regularly play 8 ball for a while, I was over 800 pts for 2 years now it is gone. it's more fun to play than trying to win the crown, now I'm between 500 and 600.. 

I don't think they have gone. I am a poor player but enjoy it. I suspect many of the good players have, for their own reasons, reregistered and are down at the bottom. I regularly try to play others, with a similar score (0 to 100. lol) and I find many of my opponents have the most amazing skills.
I think have came back, quite a few of them anyway the games are getting higher now but that could be because of the bo3 and bo option i guess. :)