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why not luna
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Dear Moderators
why not luna
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Dear Moderators
why not luna
No one ever talks about how great luna is i think she is cool,she is a very nice person.But no one ever says how nice she is on here so i did luna your doing a great job keep it up;)
i agree 110% luna is a great person and an excellent mod :) keep it up luna, pa lante chica, pa tras ni pa cojer impulso ;)
Yea Luna is a nice person, polite... but i still think shes a bit trigger happy.

Nice person though :)
I dont know luna..but there are certain mods on here that have the badge that dont do any moderating what so ever they go in the game of their choice and instead of moderating go and play a game themselves ..certain names spring to mind and im sure they know who they are,i think these particular mods should give it up and pass  their badge to someone who is willing to do the job properly 
but just because there mods doesnt mean they can't have some fun of there own sometimes :)
what i meant was...some mods dont moderate...they just play games ,just use the mod badge as some kind of status symbol
 its finally happened......i agree with jingle....

please help me recover from this awful state...

luna :D others :| FOD should have mod evaluators
You know you lot allways agree with me...admit it lol
hmm admit to something besides we have at least one good mod....... jingle do you get her huggles??
A hug off a mod? id would be so lucky.....they hate me lol
:( Never met luna. Hopefully I soon will.:)

Luna....is one cool MOD...
She is hilarious to chat with...and she makes the lobby fun.
She welcomes everyone in....& gives out many "huggles"!!!
I will never forget the "chickens" Luna ;) 

hihi [img=
] lol j0o guys are silly heheh *huggles*

Am not one to post in forum lol so see yaz in lobby! 

Hey sandy how u make that laughing face;)?anyways Scotty u r so wrong luna is not evil u r she has never been anything but nice so back off.
ty silence that is your name aint it?:)
bigpole, to make that image just put the "[" next to the "i" then it will work 

[ img=

im guna subscribe another name now because dis nick is nearly finished [img=

I agree too, I think luna is a great person and
also she does a great job at keeping are lobbys safe
from cyber lunatics and general rif raf, like all the
mods do.So luna you get the thumbs up from me also
a kissy because you've been working hard.(On the cheek)
Oh...man I'll get banned for that...

lol.... :p 

My best wishes Luna :)

~Andy~ ;)
well don't stop now keepnmm coming ;)
s.p.a.m  =   
whispers to sir not silly post your just silly can't say the other;)
Come on more people don't give up now.:)
Well i think your great anyways :p to anyone who say different.
Give over.
stop trying to sell a dead horse.
you know what sir just bugg off stop being a post pest
Luna was cool.. not see her for a while, tho'. She's one of the longer playing players, which is always good :p
Luna is the nicest mod in blliards...but i never talk to her anymorre cause the name i talked to her on is perm ban:p
I'm here. Just not much of a forum posting individual  ~Smiles~

As for the billard rooms, I'm there, Yes I was absent for a few.

And *huggles to all* you're a great group.

It's all of you that add the "
" in this great site. 

Hope to see everyone in the games.

Have a good 1,


hey havn't see you in a while luna how are you?well just thought i'd say hi:)hasta luego
wow this post got pushed to the back lol i'll bring it back up front hehe :p