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[b][i]The Larkinor Quest[/i]: Rebirth[/b]
[b][i]The Larkinor Quest[/i]: Rebirth[/b]
[b][i]The Larkinor Quest[/i]: Rebirth[/b]
There are several arguments, why daily clicks are limited. If they were not, those who could play more would lead the game instead of those who would play smarter. Also, players would get bored of unlimited playing and game servers might get overloaded. Consider clicks as the measure of elapsed time in the game - that gives it a more real-time feeling as you are one of those who write Larkinor's history.

Ok, I just have to comment on this flawed logic. Don't get me wrong, I love the game's concept, but pretty much all of these arguments I can supply a counter for.

- Those who would play more would lead the game? If people play the game it means they want to play, and if people don't want to or can't play then that means they either don't like the style of gameplay or simply can't play. Therefore, the only real players that would count would be the players who spend time actually playing, because all others would be either playing too little to matter or wouldn't be playing at all anyway.

- Bored of unlimited playing? A game that provides endless hours of fun and new updates would not have this problem. Players want content, not to be told when and how much they can play.In fact, it seems to me that players would be more likely to get frustrated of the small amount of gameplay allowed and quit, rather than come back each day for 10 minutes. Keep the game fresh, and you keep the players coming in. A gameplay limit is only a delay tactic to keep the inevitable loss of players on a game that is stale as week old bread.

-The servers might get overloaded? Seriously? That's supposed to be a valid point? Heads up: the game generally only has 10 players on at it's best, which is way below the potential of this game. So unless you are using Tripod as your server, I think your problem is too few players, not overload. Most likely they all got tired of the previously mentioned causes, thus causing the game to be a total flop. If you provided unlimited gameplay and charged players instead for extra in-game content, (not so much to give an unfair advantage to subscribers) more people may give it a try. Or simply charge a montly or a flat lifetime fee per character and make playing indefinately the subscription perk, alowing unpaid players to only play so much daily.

If the devs of this game haven't given up on this game already, then it may not hurt to give these suggestions a try. If it fails, it's not like you would really be losing anything anyway, because the fanbase is pretty much void.
Server overload might have been more of a problem in the past when there actually were more than ten people playing. This particular forum does have over 30,000 messages in it...

I know this because I once had an account that was made just around the time that Thord-Artin content was first released.

That said, it's not much of an excuse now, even if FlyOrDie still has that crappy server.

And the Church of Clickology is a cult. Clicks aren't sacred. :P
Zack, whilst any constructive debate regarding Larkinor is good, the concept of daily clicks for Larkinor is held very sacred. Larkinor is not your average MMORPG where you play 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to be the best. It allows you to pace yourself however you feel appropriate.

Now, I am with you on the devs-having-given-up-let's-try-anything part. The issue is getting the devs to even give us the time of day :p