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Plz New Games Of  Table  ☻
Plz New Games Of  Table  ☻
Plz New Games Of  Table  ☻
It would be brilliant that FlyOrDie had games of card multiplayer. My I like to play pool ball 8, but sometimes I feel that it is necessary to change games not to get bored .. I have proved other games of FlyOrDie and those that more I have liked were memory, reversi .. and gomoku .. but they are not typical games that we play in my country (Argentina) on the other hand the games of card if ... and not only here but in the whole world .. it would be good that some day could it was managing to enjoy a good game of card friends Online.. And Obv in FlyOrDie, without need to appeal other sites ..

Also I believe that it would be good to add a tournament of pool ball 8 or other game every Friday night, which is when one finishes the activities of the week, study, work .. this one calm and it wants to amuse playing a calm tournament in house..

Sorry for my english xD , gd Thanks.
No cards but bowling or air hockey!
Great Ideas Gary Especially the air hockey that would be fun.

Yes, also would be good friends .. But I think a good multiplayer card game with some variations, is essential and it would be great for in FlyOrDie to be a full page of games for all tastes ...
air hockey would be fab.... great idea :) 

FlyOrDie Already has Air Hockey, Currently though you can only play against a computer opponent, i don't know if this will be change later though :p

Air Hockey: