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Best Player In Tanx History
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Best Player In Tanx History
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Best Player In Tanx History
FTW WARRIOR-Nobody can beat him except some like grave,sam,etc. However I got suprised that in many of forum topics like tank best players ever i couldnt find his name but really if that think that they can beat FTW WARRIOR then challenge him whenever hes online (conditions:-not busy -hes busy now days)

In my view hes the best player and 71 times General srry now in running month he is general so 72 :D
Keeping going Jeff I m with you and support u till i leave tanx (Y)

i dont think there is such thing as 'the best' bro! no one is the best for everyone is beatable 
You are right but some players after losing beat their opponent in huge margin jeff is one of them :$

yup, anyway how is your studies going?
If thats your opinion of me , thank you.

But i dont want players thinking im "BIG HEADED" because i am not.

I Just Enjoy the game now as theres nothing i havent done the past 3 years to prove how good i am , i no longer care if im the best, as there isnt a reason to be the best , like many people say , having the honor & decenty to respect your rivals , will always mean more than being skilled.

For the old players , Brock Pancho  , come back , and treat me with great disrespect , after i offered to help "BROCK" get his skill back, played him alot , tried to give him advice , and he took it , until i got 5 stars , for some reason, when i obtained general , he couldnt stand it perhaps he felt angry because it wasnt him that had it lol.
Everyday he comes on, trying to "Put me down" just acts very childish , without me saying a word to him.

Pancho isnt to bad, his arrogance makes me laugh lol.
Would often come on , call me out ,talk a little trash then lose 10-5 to me ^_^.

But Anyway , Unknown , i thank you for your opinion of my playing , but please refrain from posting like this in the future , as i say , i am not the best.
the best player in tanx is non existent , as theres always someone capable of improving more than others can.
i know i am one of the best.
i think dominating for 3 years in a row kind of proved that ^_^ , but i know if tanx was like the old days ,packed with other elite players , competition would be alot harder.
as it really isnt hard anymore.
be lucky to get a duel most days -_-.

Hardest Player For Me.
Would have to be GraveRobber.

NOTE: I Will Be Quiting Forever After COPA This Year If I Do Not Win.

Winning Copa is the last goal i have here.

Thanks For Reading.

Your's Truly FTW WARRIOR.
Vivek knew how to praise people but honestly.

Jeff was one of the players youd simply give up in battle hoping it is quickly over.
Every style, nades, nukes. 
He is prepared for it and he knows how to focus with fast aim, The potention he had was enormous but the problem was a combination of private life and small nurved, nothing ingame and it made people jealous and they left but the Month Lists from 2012-2015 says everything.

FTW WARRIOR - The only Modern Tanx player litterly everyone remembers. cheers :)
Even after all those years i think Jeff doesnt get what he deserves because ingame he is unstoppable and unbeatable in 1v1 and in 2v2 and he is one of the greatest player of all time and Twister doesnt know who he thinks to challenge because Jeff can toy with him and giving him free wins and even then he wins like 10/3 so the win goes to Jeff ofcourse :p

Jeff: The best player of all time. No discussion possible!
No one should be hated for being a skilled player :)