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Pass/Mark Dead Stones/End Game
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Pass/Mark Dead Stones/End Game
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Pass/Mark Dead Stones/End Game
what is pass means?
Pass meaning 2 players agree to make a pass, not one pass and one keep put on the stone.

when to make a pass?
Pass : when 2 players can not put more stones or reduce one another territories.

what are dead stones mean?
Dead Stones meaning the stones that can not make 2 eyes to live in the territories, if still keep put more stone,will be lose more, they are dead.

What is mark dead stones mean?
Mark Dead Stones meaning to take the dead stones in the territories out of Go board,(real Go board).
online Go board, click the dead stones is to mark them out.

When to mark dead stones?
Right after each players' pass, first pass is first to make mark dead stones. if no dead stone in territories, just pass to other player to mark dead stones.

End Game 
after all passes and mark dead stones, the end game will show who is win or lose and a draw.

1-in FoD Go, players can cheat pass and mark dead stones.
2-who do not mark dead stones in the territories, the end game result will not count in territories.

Go Board Game is a respectful game to each other, so no cheat please. Respect other as well as Respect yourself.
You are absolutely right - some players try to win games despite their lack of skill.  

The will try to run down the time by playing in hopeless positions, they will make live stones as dead and all to 'win' the game.  They lack respect for their opponent but ironically they also show how weak they really are.

The dead stones issue should to be fixed - other Go servers determine dead stones and count automatically after the end of the game,  this one should too.
Thank you for the posts on dead stones. They were informative, I lost a game marking dead stones incorrectly.
Thank you for the dead zone clarification. I marked my dead stones which were less than my opponents and he still won. Did he mark zero dead stones? That seems like cheating to me, unless I am just to inexpierienced. This has happened to me twice.