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Dear Moderators
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Dear Moderators
I think there should be a little mute button thingy on the challenge window where u refuse. Then when ppl keep challenging u over and over and u cant find their name, to mute them it will be easier.:)
There's already a mute button.

For all the peope on FOD who don't know this yet, THERE IS A MUTE BUTTON, STOP COMPLAINING!
yes tazz but she is asking for a more advanced one stupid :|
yes tazz look at wat she said duh!
Its a great idea, I get fed up with idiots challenging you 4-5 times in 10 seconds before you can mute them..
yeah, i never get the time 2 mute them lol

i agree its a great idea theres always a pest challengeing me like 15 times as fast as u reject finally someone comes up with a smart idea ;)
subscribers have a "do not disturb" feature available to them....blocks incoming challenges... 
We're the poor unsubs Ghost but if you want to sub us I wont stop u. ;)
But, no 1 should have to put up  with ppl challenging them over and over non-subscribers or subscribers.If I  cant mute them then I have to go in a game with them just to mute them.  

Peace Out :D
EminEm Girl  I agree completely before gaining my DND button i got it all the time and its so annoying,Please next time it happens take a screen shot and send it to moderator@flyordie.com and the person will be delt with

Forever.England  Flyordie Moderator
Press Print Screen on the upper right hand side of your keyboard near the Delete/Insert buttons.  This will copy whatever's on the screen at that time to your clipboard.

It is then a matter of pasting it to a photo editer i.e. Paint.  Crop out the unneeded portions of the screenshot and submit via e-mail.
hey how u do that Don? and whats a screen shot? lol i dunno