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DEBIL.... you seem to know a lot
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DEBIL.... you seem to know a lot
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DEBIL.... you seem to know a lot
Why do you stop beating around the bush and explain exactly why FOD did this... i've heard mixed answers... so please clear this up...

i'm not asking for anybody else's opinion... i've been thinking a lot about the whole situation and i want to debate with debil on the subject...

i'll say what i have to say after i hear your explaination Debil... until then, talk to you later...
uhm, what do you want me to explain?
i don't exactly got your point here...

is this a matter of debate  what do I think or what?

I tend to agree with you if you say that I know a lot ;)
you seem to be commenting on the entire subject of why FOD is making everybody pay and took away the ratings and stuff... this situation in general... i would like you to explain to me "why" FOD has decided to do this...

why did they cut out the advertising and start charging?
why did they take the ratings away?

i'm just trying to get FOD's point of view for the changes before i comment on anything...

please explain to the best of your ability...

thank you
there's a topic called "Why all the changes? " in the news sections...
Why should  I explain it if FoD already done that?
im gonna answer some.. :)
they took the banner advertisments away and started charging becuz they probably were getting payed in potato chips with the advertising...so they figured they could get some REAL money to help maintain the website.
Also, the rating was removed becuz there obviously has to be something there to attract people to want to pay for something.