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Not Getting Notice When I Change Password
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Dear Moderators
Not Getting Notice When I Change Password
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Dear Moderators
Not Getting Notice When I Change Password
I change my password and don't get an email. I know I got the right email address to send it to.  I'm afraid someone else is getting it, because I'm losing or gaining points over night.  Someone is getting on my name somehow.  No one knows my password.
i wasnt aware that u get an email when u change your password, why would u need an email when u have just reset the password yourself??.....and u lose 1 point every night anyway...a rule of fod
I know the rating system... I lost 20 overnight some1 got on my name and played. And you do get an email I got one when I changed it today but not when I changed it yesterday.
One good idea.

E-Mail FoD at 
 and ask them to terminate your name, then, recreate it under another different pass-code.
Unlike u someone got on my other name ¤§ñípêr¤ and got it banned while its banned i cant even change pass. fod you need to fix that.
well nikki gave king asha my p/w and lost over 200 of my points so i think i win..but my gf was on and got top to bann me,then fod emailed me a new p/w...and well to cut i long storey short i got me name and points back,so it was a waste of time them doing it lol ;)
ummm that would be me! the 
so u2 r bf gf thats y ur always banned together lol j/k aint seen u2 on in a wile ;)
soon to be more than bf/gf m8 ;)

Whats the point in losin a point a nite. I wonder if my gf will get the point when I make the point tonite:)
Well if ur complaining about that genie guess what happened to me....my name mr8ball i went to log on it in the morning...and it said wrong password....i ddint change password ad whoever changed it i thought we were sposed to get notice...when u change it it usually says an email has been sent to remind u ...a load of crap...i have lost ma name now and im guna try and get it back but fod dont reply to any emails apart from if u subscribe :(
sry to hear that SiR 41 i'v never had anything like that happen to me hmmmm to bad someones messing with the files tho some of my friends have had the same prob hope u get i sorted out:)