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The End Of Me.
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The End Of Me.
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The End Of Me.
As most of you ftws know i was recently banned on my most used account FTW WARRIOR.

tho I got no explanation of the ban thats fine.
i have lost all my accounts.
Usually if you get a perm ban it last a week or so , then you make another name..and behave ect.
but in this case any name i make gets permed for an evaison.

so iv decided to leave.

i wish all friends i hd here the best of luck.

including ThUnDeR even tho he banned my accounts , hes still a good character.

Since i wont be around , neither is shadow , this leaves NITRO in charge of ftw.

i hope you treat him as you did me.
with Respect.

One or two friends to mention.

UAG Tornado , thanks for the hilarious times over the years , and the great duels biba good luck with uag.

TCA Nightwalker , Great character , dont think anyone deserves the V.I.P Medal as much as him.
Take Care Artik.

FTW's Much love guys , thanks for your support over the years , take care of yourself.


lol, these mods hate u! anyway good luck with ur life man! and dw , nitro wil be respected :P come on some times to say hey :) 

-kreap obv :P :D
emmm... I don't really know what to start with.

Tanx is defenitely missing someone. Well, not just him, but others as well... But especially this guy. No, I really can't believe you're not visiting tanx even as private...
I hope you're still having a good time outside of tanx.

Ugh, I can't even find the words... Well, keep always being FTW, keep Fighting To Win! And don't give up, I know you'll achieve whatever you want, you can, I believe in you! agh... Be strong in real life, just as you were in tanx!
Good luck and best wishes to you! And come sometimes (on Saturdays?) to have a 2v2 fight or anything in private mode, just like I did in past year - it's not so bad haha... 
Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say.

Take care,
JUST like to say a big good riddance to you JEFF  your banned because you never play to the rules   GOOD BYE  from WILL POWA
Hmmm...He will come back again...
Is stronger than him... :)
No one really quits the land of tanx, it's the like the green has everyone coming back for at least one more time of that good stuff...
@Will Powa

The rules are made for the people, not the people are made for the rules :p


UBR Enforcers comment was based on yours. He tried to copy your style of leaving and comming back, which was fun.

:) Is Contessa still around?? When you read this, Your Sister Smiling Bae :D Come room1 too, your gotta be intresting to chat with :p ;)