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Enable copy/paste in new games
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Enable copy/paste in new games
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Enable copy/paste in new games
Several of you complained about not being able to copy/paste in the webbased version, unlike PC version.

Modifying your Java security policy is the only way to grant a Java applet permission to read from and write to your system clipboard.

A program called Policy Tool is installed with your Java runtime, and is used to modify your Java policy. 

Here is how to do this (you only have to do it once, takes about 1-2 minutes):

1. Locate the file policytool.exe in your Java Runtime installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin" or something similar in windows)

2. Start policytool.exe (by double clicking)

3. Choose File|Save  to create a file named exactly .java.policy in your windows home directory:
XP, 2000: C:\Documents and Settings\{USER}\.java.policy;
Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\Users\{USER}\.java.policy;
where {USER} is your windows login name.

Now your newly created policy file should be displayed in the tool.

4. Click the Add Policy Entry

5. Enter 


as the CodeBase

Click "Add Permission".
Select "AWTPermission" from the permission dropdown list.
Select "accessClipboard" from the "Target Name" dropdown list

Click OK.
Click Done.

6. repeat step 5, but enter 


as the codebase (all other steps should be the same)

You should see two entries on the main panel of the policytool:
CodeBase "
CodeBase "

7. File | Save

8. You are ready and hopefully are able to use copy/paste.

does not work i tried it, but it doesnt matter as i use shortkeys anyway have dun for few yrs now
Has anyone else tried to this copy n paste.. Do you get it to work coz i cant
I'm not planning to ever use copy and paste but for the sake of testing this i tried it and didn't get it to work. Pretty sure I followed the steps exactly too.
Post a screenshot about your policytool window, and the policy entry dialog box, in case of having problems.

You do not have a policy file specified as described in step 3.
Tried it today before taking some screenshots and it seems to be working now. Haven't changed anything since I first did it so I'm assuming a system restart seems to have done the trick unless there's some kind of time lag with java updating this new setting? It could even be that I've obviously restarted Internet Explorer if I've had my system turned off between now and then.

Good stuff anyway (although I won't be pasting anytime soon) :p
I have windows 7 and I cannot locate java policytools.exe

Any ideas Operator?
Have you tried the search box on the start menu?

Yes I tried to search for Java policytools but I did not get it.
you should search for "policytool.exe"
If you have windows 7 bro like me then u can find it.


Or something like that.
i did this on more than 1 occassion still cant get to work but np il stick to shortkeys.
Your screenshots also indicate that you have not done it correctly.

O well shortkeys is better than copy n paste but ty for replying.
>>O well shortkeys is better than copy n paste but ty for replying.

Nice Reversi program you have open in your taskbar :D

FlyOrDie Moderator
I tried your instruction and the copy and paste now works. Thanks OP!
@ ThUnDeR of corse i have program.. i gotta learn and it was open i have it in quick launch tyvm if i cheated id get icon so :P
Thank you OP, works like a charm !