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9-Ball Pool update
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9-Ball Pool update
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9-Ball Pool update
The 9-ball game has been updated.

What's changed?

Probably too much to mention all, but to name a few:

- improved physics/graphics
- more realistic rules
- pro mode (call shot / double hit detection)
- ability to select number of frames per match
- full screen mode
- etc.


To be honest i do perfer the old 9ball as i noticed already others do aswell :)
same. i hope u wont change 8ball too, its a joke...
I really dont like the update neither do alot of others dont change 8ball the same
Please do NOT make 8ball the same way.. its awful i cant stand it :/ ty
Old version available at


Maybe someone can also enlighten us what you prefer in that old version.



keep getting same message in downloaded version of game new version available go to fod
 then wen i go there and download its the same version
so can yhou enlighten me as to where the new downloaded version of the game is please a link maybe

jaffa42: there is no new DL version, only web based.

I will disagree with others, in my opinion this update is fantastic and needed. So far i havent encountered any lagging or freezing with this update. 
OP, nice job i hope u update 8 ball to in the same way and dont forget about snooker too, it badly needs update!
I like the old version, for one you can use spins on the rails in new you can't. There is no lag in both PC version and Web like there is in Blackball and the new 9 ball. 

What I do like about it is as follows:

Realistic game play I'll give it that, also the new push out feature is great and being able to see the time is great.

What would be cool!.

Being able to do jump shots in 9 ball!. Something too think about. With my thoughts said I still enjoy the old versions of both PC and Web the best, just my opinion.
Is there anyway to change it back to normal, apparently, The chess ratings are also your 9 ball old version ratings, there are players in chess on 900+ and will ruin pool. 
Old version is much better pls dont change snooker ... and why in old version 9 i have chess rating? lol
I think the new one is great - more realistic:-)
When are you gonna update the 8-ball one?  I'm lovin the new layout! :)
If you expereince any "lag", you might try to uncheck the "eco settings" options in game settings menu while in a match.

it will be same rating with new and old version? i logged today on old with 634
I think on the flyordie website you should split it on (9) ball have E.G


Room 1
Room2 etc


Room 1
Room 2

and the rates stay same on both.
OP , i hope you get this update on 8Ball too ! and no old version only the new ! It'll be better m8..my opinion hehe
I think the new version is not as good as the old one. As a subscriber, I think you should not change 8 ball to this version. In fact, I think you should allow both versions on the site and see which is more popular. No one I have spoken to is happy with the new version.
I agree!  Can't wait for the update to it!
I think this new updated version is way better than the old version ty for changing it,I am very happy with the changes and cant wait to play the other games with it.:)
Haha, are you afraid that after possible update in snooker the game would become too difficult for you?
Some very strange posts here.

A lot of people saying they 'don't like it' but give no feedback as to why! I suspect there is an element of not liking something because people are used to the old system (This has happened in nearly every change I've ever seen relating to online games/computer games).

A lot of people have been crying for an update for 
 but not much positive feedback seems to have been given when it happens. Shame. 

>I like the old version, for one you can use spins on the rails in new you can't.

Surely this can only be a good thing and one of the best features of the new system?! Stops people playing silly unrealistic back spin shots when wedged against the cushion :p
please dont update the 8 ball game, why not add it more tools for chat or to the game, it could make the users feel better to keep playing, but dont make it modification like 9 ball, i think it could ruin the game completely
I dont think the cushion shot is realistic on the new version. When ur like 15cms of the cushion u cant have a backspin lol...
I think the new version of 9 balls is better than the old version. It is more realistic. FlyOrDie did a great job.

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I wouldn't do a Update on 9ball, it's enough to have Blackball as an "Update". The Reasons?
The Most of the Players are used to play the "old 9Ball" and if you update the games, FlyOrDie might lose some Users.
The 2nd Reason is that the Games take 2 much CPU %. But all in all, Blackball is enough.
It's a good update and just what 9-Ball needed, with the push-out rule etc. I'm puzzled as to why certain people are complaining about it. Now just 8-Ball and Snooker to go and I think I'll be having another proper go at this game.
guys im not pro but ill say few things,old version is bad.;\
I quote:
I like the old version, for one you can use spins on the rails in new you can't<--- Carey Price
Man for me this aint right,pro's in rl cant use this,so i say we match exactly 100%.
New version is much better.Finally FOD is makin something new,i like new changes,we have to acepd this..and we must get used to changes.Im not playing much 8,9 ball and snooker
Its cuz i dont like old version,i saw many newcomers in blackball.OP we want more,for example Chess,Tanx:pB-)
Reiki, before to say that, try the game thanx
"Reiki, before to say that, try the game thanx"?:|

 :^O man please read my post again,i did try and play it,but its bad ;) its very easy for newcomers and the players who played old version they will get back and play new version so yeah.Its very realistic and its so real like in rl...i hope you will get in now and all others B-)
thx for this new game.. i have completly stop play 9 ball
The game has been updated.
Movement of balls should be smoother on slower computers too.
Also, there is an option to activate retro style graphics which will require much less cpu time.

sry my mistake lol, i love 2001 option..
Well all I can say you guys did a super great job, the game is faster and more enjoyable. After playing it for awhile now I take back what I said about the old version, by far this is better.

Good Job!

i breaken the table and potted the 9 vs Carey and won the game lol, is it normal or new rule?
Yeah I guess it's a new (and proper!) rule, I've sunk the 9 from the break too and was given the win. :)
Is it just me or have you changed the rules, on pro rules when i potter the ball i nominated in the pocket i nominated and potted 9 same shot i won. But now when i do that the 9 goes back on its spot...
One of the things about the call-shot mode is to exclude flukes from the game as much as possible.
Therefore the (9) has to be called in order to win the frame, even on a combo shot.

i would like to see teams added i seen it at carom 3d before that site gone but was real cool team pool n u could name rooms was cool to wat u all think..? i want your opinion to plz operator