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An announcemnent to the flordie community.
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An announcemnent to the flordie community.
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An announcemnent to the flordie community.
Hi there all. If you play 8 9 or snook u would probably know me or know of me.  For those who dont know me im Grant, and in the last few months i have had a medical issue  which i decided to keep quiet until i knew more.

I had  developed lumps in my upper body area and have had an ultrasound to check them out. Today i was told that its probably not cancerous, but i will need to get them removed by surgery. 

Thank you in advance for your well wishes and just to let all know, its a pleasure being involved with our great site. 

Im writing this, to give a message that life is too short to be taken for granted so pls enjoy yr time while playing yr games and if someone gives you a hard time, ignore them, send yr report in and let us deal with it, and most of all be happy knowing you make a difference to this world.    cheers grant.

Your'e a strong man Grant & you will be fine.  If you need anyone to talk too you know where to find me :p

My wishes are with you & all of your family at the hard time in your life.

FlyOrDie Moderator
ty Lewis 

geelong6 flyordie mod
hi Grant, we are sorry to hear about your medical issues all of our prayers go out to you and your family, You know where we are and get well soon mate, 
Mandy & Andy 
And all from the WDW League 
Glad your ok Grant, and happy everything will be ok once they remove them.

Regards, Your Friend Darren
Hi Grant i do hope & pray that everything goes really well for you...You are a real gentleman just keep positve m8 & everything will be ok...takecare Grant best wishes from Derek
"Sometimes we're on a collision course, and we just don't know it. Whether it's by accident or by design, there's not a thing we can do about it."
"For what it's worth: it's never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There's no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing."
"You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go."

Be strong, Grant, and do not forget: if you need me, I am just a click away.

Hi babes
        Sorry to hear of your news, You are a amazing person with a heart of gold. I know everything will be o.k because you are a strong person and you have alot of people who care about you. I will be here for you if you need to talk about it or about anything.Things happen for a reason and this is just a bump in the road that you will get passed it no problems at all, I will be thinking of you always 

    love Trac xxxx

A huge thank you to everyone who has posted in here. You have given me the courage to hit this as hard as i can and beat it. 
Its so heartening to know so many ppl care, i cannot express how much appreciation i have for everyone.

thanks again   yr friend   Grant.  
 (f) and xxx  for ladies                 handshake for the guys   (my regular saying in lobbys lol)

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To Trac
Thank you very much babes and look forward to catching up up in a lobby soon
Love Grant xxx

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hey grant
all i can say is remain positive and have hope.hope you recover fine and it all goes well.hope you will stick around on fod for many more years to come.

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Hope you will be fine after surgery. :)
G'day G-banga

I know I'm hardly ever on these days but just read your post mate snd really bummed out knowing your worried. 
I know its easier said then done, But you have to remain strong and keep your chin up big bro. My thoughts are with you and your family.
If you need to talk you know my number mate. :)

I'm confident you will get past this with flying colours champ. :)

Aaron "AJ"
May God grant you always,  A sunbeam to warm you,A moonbeam to charm you,A sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.  Laughter to cheer you, Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray .Heaven to hear you..      our thoughts are  with you,,   :)                       
Hi Grant
Only just read this....  so am sending you all my love and kisses from Wales and I know these will help you to a speedy recovery

You can do this!  I hope you're ok and I hope the surgery goes well!

I'll help the mods out and keep an eye on things until you get back.

Your apprentice mod,

Tiffany (T-Train)
Grant , we all wish you the best , hope u be fine after surgery ! 
Hello,Geelong, You’re on my mind,
Because you're somehow ailing,
But your response to any challenge
Has always been unfailing.

So I’m confident you’ll win again;
Hang in there, and you’ll see;
You’ll be back on top in no time,
Tackling life courageously.  
angie x x 
Hope your'e okay, And i hope you get better.

Hi Grant 

i really do hope you get through this mate, remain positive ,dont think about negatives because both my nans dies of cancer and my grandad had a lump in his upper chest area ,he got through it

i really do hope you get well 

cheers sean 
cool,way to talk, my best wishes grant, god bless you bro.
cool,way to talk, my best wishes grant, god bless you bro.
Hey, dont worry everything will be ok gleelong! you are a strong person!