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my wild guesses on copa 2011!!! ;)
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my wild guesses on copa 2011!!! ;)
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my wild guesses on copa 2011!!! ;)
So, copa is coming on june 8th and here are some of my speculations on who will be eliminated and who shall pass to the next round:)( lets puts some spice on it :p).btw, Don't flame on me if i put u in the eliminated groups...thats just my own personal view on who's just not fit for they're group :(see it this way...for u is almost like the odds of winning the lottery.so here we go!!!! *plays dramatic drumbs* 
group 1...players are: FTW Durion, FTW Eliminator, Pancho Villa, Revolution Xc. My prognosis on this group is FTW Eliminator gets to pass and Revolution Xc...pancho and Durion get eliminated :(bahh GG. Group 2...players are: Cheitan,�FıяεЅтǿям�,Nybody and juvee...my view on this group no1 will make it to the next round nah jk:). FireStorm and Juvee get to make it and cheitan and Nybody eliminated. Group 3...players are:ҒŦШ▪CΘĿΘΠΣĿ,TerminatorAzteca, Wehrmacht, (which is me :)),ŮĂĢ¤Ŧǿŗήǻđδ™...on this group wehrmacht and tornado get to live another day. Group 4...players are: The Portuguese, within, FTW Diesel,Devils...within and FTW Diesel qualified and The Portuguese and Devils get K.O!!!. 
Group 5....players are: FTW Relinquished,Ҳć°†яλнĐєи†, FTW Constantine aka kobe and ĈуМάπdф МίŁıŢĂŗ...FTW Relinquished and Xc Raiden pass to the next level and Constantine and ĈуМάπdф МίŁıŢĂŗ stay on they're dream to win copa :(. Group 6....players are: ŮĂĢ Cяьcїғїєя, ҒTW LєGєиd,talibanned,F†W WARRlOR....FTW Warrior and UAG Crucifier win this group and talibanned and ftw legend get eliminated. Group 7...FTW EXTERMINATOR,FTW Brutal™,Q1™, FŦШ_MiЉTΣR™. FTW_EXTERMINATOR and Q1™ win this group and FTW Mister and FTW Brutal get eliminated. Final group aka the easy group: Group 8...players are: cmb8757, SEBA-STIAN, FTW λйäċöйđä and FTW Kreaper™...cmb and FTW Anaconda win this group. FTW Kreaper(srry bro) and SEBASTIAN get eliminated. So this is it...if you don't agree on my prognosis on this 2011 copa...feel free to reply but don't get angry. You can always come up with you're own persona views on this :). My final rounds on copa will be posted soon as this prophecies turn out to be true :). 
So KObe just crushed Luis in copa, it looks like copa this year will be really interesting!
GROUP 1 Players Are:FTW Durion, FTW Eliminator, Pancho Villa, Revolution Xc.>>> WINNERS: Revolution xC,Ftw eliminaor<<<< !! Dont judge Me pls!................

GROUP 2 players are: Cheitan,�FıяεЅтǿям�,Nybody and juvee. >>>>WINNERS: juvee,firestrom<<<< xD..........

GROUP 3 players are:ҒŦШ▪CΘĿΘΠΣĿ,TerminatorAzteca, Wehrmacht.>>>WINNERS:Wehrmacht,ŮĂĢ¤Ŧǿŗήǻđδ™<<<< just being honest!!! Dont Judge!! u would betray me too :@ ........

GROUP 4 players are:The Portuguese, within, FTW Diesel,Devils.>>>>>WINNERS:within,disel<<<<< Good luck....

GROUP 5 players are:FTW Relinquished,Ҳć°†яλнĐєи†, FTW Constantine aka kobe and ĈуМάπdф МίŁıŢĂŗ>>>>>WINNERS:FTW Relinquished, FTW Constantine<<<<< its kobe! GG

GROUP 6 players are:ŮĂĢ Cяьcїғїєя, ҒTW LєGєиd,talibanned,F†W WARRlOR>>>>>WINNERS:ŮĂĢ Cяьcїғїєя,F†W WARRlOR<<<<<! gg


GROUP 8 players are: cmb8757, SEBA-STIAN, FTW λйäċöйđä and FTW Kreaper™:>>>>winners: DEPENDS ON WHO SEBA-STIAN IS<<<<<

DONT JUDGE ME! coz i was judged too by MAX :'( .. its called being HONEST... wel! all i can say is GOOD LUCK ALL! and allwys remember тніs іs jusт a game!!! :p ! :) 

Max i think most of ur prediction is right but there can be turn around also.brutal can not be elimated instead other could be as the players would try their best in this copa tournament.

Guys all the best to u all, ihope that some FTW win the tournament :)

FTW WARRIOR is On Fire currently I Think he will win.
If Not I Think Maybe TerminatorAzteca..
To Early To Be Sure but judging By their Playing Its a Pretty Solid bet.
Winners! might be within,grave(99% of win),jeff,alex,zues,tornado or mister! just have to wait n see who wins! coz any one can win :p 
It's Kobe. Just so everyone knows, I am not using FTW Constantine in this tournament. I am using this nic, FTW Lionheart. Let's see what's ahead. 

Charm, Grace, Class,
Kobe i have added your new nick, i would appreciate if you can next time ask a staff member or admin to make any changes, this goes to any member who is in Copa List.

TanxGuide Staff