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Go study sessions
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Go study sessions
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Go study sessions
Hi go fellows !

I saw that there are quite a lot of new players on flyordie. Would you (new and not new) guys be interested in organizing study sessions ? 

Such as game reviews, theory lectures, teaching games, and so on ? 

If you think it could be a good idea, rise your hands, the least would be to have about 10+ motivated players to make the studies more interesting for all. We will decide about the how and where later.
Also, might be good to have another or two more "teachers", depending on how many motivated students there are. You can already apply (and mention your rank).

Thanks !
That would be awesome! I need study sessions!!! Im 20 kyu.
I would be very interested in this. I'm a 4k on KGS (though my rank varies kind of widely depending on the server)
Yo Roy,

I would love to be a part of that. Just let me know when I could be of help. Just find me on here, message me on skype, or send a message on gohero.org:D thanks bro
Is this going to happen? The last time I checked the gohero website was down, so would these sessions take place on flyordie? or on kgs maybe? I really hope that you still plan (or will plan) on doing these. Post here and let us know if you do decide to do them, if/when you get the chance.
Yes, those sessions will take place. 

To make them easier to organize, it would be great if those who are interested contact me on kgs (accounts Royksopp or CGBSpender)
There is a flyordie room on KGS, I thought we could have the studies there ?
It would be easier, as KGS offers a large choice of reviewing tools, compared to fOD.

what times would these study sessions take place

I have no idea what my rank is.

Second, I haven't played the game in over a year so it's kind of hard for me to remember what some of the words mean but I remember most of it.

I'm in, but where are these sessions going to take place? 
the original intention was for these study sessions to take place on the KGS go server in the flyordie room every sunday. Unfortunately, this never ended up happening.
Мне нужна учебные сессии
id really like a study session to happen im new to the game and would really like help to improve. so if a study session is happening id really like to know where, please let me know im really looking foward to it thanks
I'd love a study session. It sees that I'm absolutely useless at this game but it's a game I'd love to get better at for my own benefit.
I'm a new member so I'm not sure how this all works but I have skype if that's useful at all?

im really new here for go, 8/8/11 when i sign up. i watch Hikaru no go and read some go basic stuff. my skill level is 0. 
I am completely new to go and would love to learn. So if anyone is doing this or if you know of someone willing to do teaching games let me know


I would like to help with the go study sessions
I'd also want to take part.
To tell the true i didn't think that anyone would like to share their skills. Though it would be great if you are still going to make these study sessions.
i agree with pigeons, what a great idea. why didn't someone think of it sooner?????????
Hey I would like to teach, I am 10k, on KGS 6k. Tell me on t.salajkova@gmail.com
That is a great idea since there are no go clubs salons or anything near me.

Thank you for trying and hope it works out
If anyone is interested in setting this up (giving lectures on kgs was the original idea) post some info about what/where its going to be. As far as I know, the only person that had control of the flyordie room was Royksopp, but he is rarely online and hasn't made an appearance in the Flyordie room in quite some time. If you intend to set this up, it'd probably be best to start a new room. 
I'd be willing to help out however I can, but I'm not much of a teacher so I don't really feel like I should take the lead on this. Comments? Opinions?
i have no idea what my rank is.
bt id luv to play some teaching games
thank u 
There isn't a study group at this time. Although people seem to be interested in one, nobody has stepped forward offering to teach and/or lead the study group.
yeah, i'm new as well and outside of a few things i really can't seem to create a winning game.
I would love to be in a study group. i'm very new to go and don't have much skill. the best way to contact me would be through my email(lawliet1313@gmail.com).
When are the go study sessions? I really want to become a stronger player. Can you also provide life and death problems? Those are also fun. I am also starting a go club at my school and i have one member actively playing online under the name of JesterOfSorts. If you could help instruct us so that we could help build up our skills ,we could be more able to spread this great game through our community.
Whoah! I would love to! ^.^ I've always been interested in Go, even way back when I was in elementary. But I thought that Go is not played anymore, so I didn't really get to know it more. Only until recently, when I read Hikaru no Go that I found out Go is actually still played! 

I looked up on the rules and basics and all that, but I'm still pretty damn bad. It'll help if there are people to discuss Go with! ^.^
So did anything happen yet? 

It's probably hard to really organize anything trough these forums so for people that would like to learn more about the game I can offer game reviews through email or live on KGS.

To receive a game review please bear in mind the following:

- I can review games up to 2k 
- Please send a SGF file of a game you played to crammikaze@hotmail  .com or if you prefer a live review a date and time on KGS
- Provide your name and rank 
- I'm sorry but I won't teach people that don't know the rules of the game yet. There are plenty of websites to teach you :)

I hope this will help people along. Of course you can also email me with other questions about Go.