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I m UBR King(705)pts
yes Danny still play ur other nik and name?
Yes i am now online.:)
who are you? this is the UBR site: sites.google.com/a/hettij.org/www-ubrgroupoftanx-com/
as you have facebook, say it and i add you!
Do you have facebook? you can join the UBR club at facebook! :D
and whats your real name?
Sentinal is a GTA 3 Beta Kuruma and the Sentinel is a GTA 3 Beta Beamer :D
Hey Power.

Next year there will be a new year for gp so,
Wanna come back with your 2011 nick and help UBR like you used to do years ago?

Let me know in the comments :p
The fact i got my buddy to 705 points is still priceless.
police go ahead beating torn in all those tournaments but that doesnt accept it your just a cloudy little backstabber :p
I like the idea that both successfull players have their UBR story and history.
I always play Tanx when i think it matters ;)