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texas holdem poker?
texas holdem poker?
make sure it's no limit and i would definetely play it
its propably what this site needs. Its whats  missing other than british 8 ball but the people in luxemberg or wherever fod is based dont see that as necessary. I doubt they will get it. Could be because of the amount of young people who use the site. Its also a game i would be good at too unlike all the other ones here that either take massive amount of luck (backgammon) or that im just not bothered (pool). But yeah they wont get it, i can alomst promise u that. What they do have is a link to toher sites though on the online games section.
Whiles if I could give you a medal for this post I honestly would lol 

1000000000000000000000000000000000000000% yes to this idea 
Great idea :D, it will probably get more players than other games :p