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'New clan UBR 'will rock
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'New clan UBR 'will rock
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'New clan UBR 'will rock
i m vivek this is new clan however it is started by my friend UBR sentetial(danny1664'henk1664)this is the link to  clan UBR to join contact danny 

thank u all for reading :)

Hey Vivek 
Thanks to a post or topic to the forums Tanx!
I would like to thank all members to join the club
I will ensure that our site is as good as may be updated.
Together we Unspectified Bit Rate (UBR) big

Have fun in the group,Danny Hoff
cool clan friend :p good game 
Good to hear the nick still work.
Take care for the clan and thanks for the support over the years.

Have a nice day,
The positive vibes were properly the reason why it was so much diffrent than other clans at the time, especially because it was a low-tire clan in 2010-2014 when it was imo at its peak.

Its hard to beat those memories but i think when you being player of the month for like 10 times in 11 months, Kudos for both Juan, Garcia Munoz, Artem and all the support.

I aint see any clan like this coming up for the down to earth players who barely play with less individual skills so thanks for adding me and i see what i can do.
@Jakob aka Chert

The only clans who are still living in Tanx are clans with a high source, aknowlegde and are clans for every scale of talent. Thats how they survived :) Its the only way to do it.
We can beat UAG manos! Dont give up the games.
UBR is my favorite group and worthfull addon to the game Tanx.

You guys made something special in long tirm, thats special :)
Thanks for all the support futhermore.
Your welcome mate, FTW & UBR buddies forever!
FTW will be the best clan and i will stop anyone who tries to prove it wrong.
After-all Danny is my son ;) :D
I was ment to say it with this haaa

Enjoy the site till you count my son :)
Hey guys, I'm back i didn't played in years.

Good to see UBR is relevant as more than ever since i left good job mateys ;)
How to join without making a second nick?