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Tanx DUEL Tournament
Tanx DUEL Tournament
Tanx DUEL Tournament
Dear Flyordie,
Firstly I would like to thank you for updating the Tanx Classic Tournament system :D I find it much more better than previous thanks to increased number of players per operation and possibility for non-subscribed players to make similar operations like in tournaments while being in room 1 to train (however, different players will have different opinions here :D).
My suggestion is based on offer to add another tournament version for Tanx: 
Duel Tournament
. Just alike we can participate in different kinds of games in 
Darts (501, 301, Cricket)
 and their tournaments, Tanx players play in different types of games themselves since Tanx game is a multiplayer game: we play DUELS (1v1), Big open operations (like in tournament) and even team wars (2v2 or 3v3). Meanwhile organising and playing 2v2 or 3v3 tournament is extremly hard, I consider organising tournament of 1v1 games would match spirit of all other FlyOrDie Tournaments and would help to get rid of such aspect of cheating possibility in tanx tournaments as 
 and some others. There are many players who prefer duel operations to big open ones (including myself :D).
Usually, tanx duels are played in next types of operations: Classical field, no powerups, 2 players limit, with/without password, rated/unrated. Players are negotiation about not taking "energy" object, but deleting these objects while tournaments would be ideal if possible. Player who dies 10 times first - loses a duel and leaves the operation. I acknowledge that playing until 10 deaths might be long, so it is probably better to set up a limit of 5 deaths; winner gets 16 points of Rating Difference between players is 0 pts, point system just like in any other flyordie 1v1 tournament. Despite that, the "respawn" limit should be set up until 1 minute to avoid artiffical delay of the game. 
Another variant is to earn 16pts/death, but not 16pts/duel if ratings are equal.
Once again, flyordie tournament point system works here.

Dear Players,
Please, if someone likes or dislikes these idea - comment and vote, but don't leave it without any opinion posted here :)

Thank you everyone in anticipation,
Yours NW :p
Yea, i support the idea of duel tournament of some sort...

Make this happen FOD.