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The Cabot Cup of Curling
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The Cabot Cup of Curling
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The Cabot Cup of Curling
The Cabot Cup will be between USA and Canada, and will be along similar lines to the soon to be completed Continental Cup; see 

It will be organised by Muddy, and hosted on the World Championships of Curling website at 

There are bound to be lots of Canadians interested. 
If you are interested in competing for Team-USA leave your Nick, e-mail and rating below.

Participation will be by invitation.


Giovanni Caboto (c. 1450 – c. 1499) was an Italian navigator  and explorer whose 1497 discovery of North America is commonly held to be the first European voyage to the continent since Norse exploration of the Americas in the early eleventh century. The official position of the Canadian and United Kingdom governments is that he landed on the island of Newfoundland.

This is now Western Canada vs Eastern Canada. Sign up below leaving your Nick, e-mail (unless I have it) and rating.
Hi Muddy I'd like to participate in the Cabot Cup.

Email: You have it, lol.
Nick: Jonwpg
Rating: 141
bakkenboy will play canada all time zones
I need to know if you are in Western or Eastern Canada. 
Details are at 
Please go to 
 then click the link to "Request an Invitation" and follow the registration process.
 representing Newfoundland and will play in eastern region Rating 206 gsmithpennywell@hotmail.com


rating- 210

Thank you mgirgent. The original plan was Canada vs USA, but the response from USA was a bit underwhelmimg. I will keep you in mind for future events, and 
if more players from USA sign up there will be a TeamUSA.

You have registered at my Tournament Website at 
 which hosts a number of events. The associated forum is at 
 I have nearly enough North Americans to form a group called "Americas". 

Kind Regards,

Yes mgirgent - thought I had sent you a message yesterday saying you are in GregCurlingNlfd's "Team from the East". I'll let you know when it starts - hopefully soon.