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moaners(the truth about them)
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moaners(the truth about them)
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moaners(the truth about them)
those people who are always moaning about runners are a bunch of point bankers.. the truth is they play low ranking players hoping for easy points....when the low ranked player is lucky to beat these players, or point bankers, or whatever you want too call them, they decide to keep there points and play some 1 with the same points this infuriates the points banker who has lost a load of points and not gained any more easy points serves you right and stop cluttering the forum with moans all the time and get on with it and play someone with your own ranking,.
I report runners who agree to a set number of ends and run after scoring in the first end with the hammer. That to me is unsportsmanlike and if you agree to the number of ends, then... run... off that's cowardly.

If people don't like being called a runner... they shouldn't run.

It's no problem with me, my rating has dropped like 100 points in the last couple of months but as long as I have a nice opponent, I don't care about the rating. 

Heck, I've lost 10 points in like 4 different ends playing skins, none of that bothered me, I was out played every time.
This due was pointless.
Higher ppl run too. ;)
& they can play whoever they want to play.

Tommy B-)
thanks for telling us the truth sir,appreciated !!!!!111
and whats the point in reporting runners? the mods cant do nothing about it and why would they.
Just to get their names out, so other people can find out about them and spread the word.

There are lots of kinds of moaners I found out.

I just played 
 and he went on and on about how "lucky" I am to make raises and double takeouts etc... I made 2 great shots in the fist end and scored 5. After that I HAD to mute him. 

I have 5 screenshots to prove it if anyone wants to see them. I can upload them to an online account and post the link here if anyone wants to see what I mean.

So to say "A moaner is this kind of person"... doesn't work, there are many kinds.

I post names of runners and poor sports so others can avoid them and find friendly opponents.
I say "why dont these people just join wdw league ..we dont have runners in there !! :D
I guess I am a moaner I guess I just played some loser with 3x the points I had. I stole one the 1st and this pos got 2 the 2nd and quit. Quitters should lose 10 points minimum I can't get a game over 3 ends I love the game but this is a waste of time. Color me GONE There has to be better than this.
pady222 If there is another curling site with less runners post it I want to go there
I always run after a game...if I've defeated a better player...my advice is to run. :) ...take the points and get out of there. ;)
They shouldnt run during a game.  They should finish the game, i think its just plain ignorent to leave well not leave RUN.  They should receive a automatic ban for 1 day if they run during a game.

guys i hate to break your heart but your all quite badly wrong