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Time to "out" the Runners
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Time to "out" the Runners
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Time to "out" the Runners
In addition to sending screenshots to the Moderators, fellow curlers may be interested in a site I learnt about today - 
You can upload screenshots there, even if only to make you feel better!

how do you know if the player is going to be a runner to take a screen shot you cant make out the yellow streek down there backs
mistress1 is a runner. As soon as she gets the lead she leaves.
KIFF is a runner too. 1st end with the hammer, then gone. His playing history is filled with 1 enders.
Why don't you set the number of ends to a number you wish to play?

I was asked to play, I did, I saw a runner and decided to make him known for that. No sweat.
There are players who want to play only 1 end.
There are players who want to play 2 ends.
There are players who want to play more ends.
There are players who ....

Sometimes players from these different groups meet, but this is no reason to call the other party a "runner", which has quite a negative tone imho.

We have added quite a few features which helps you find an opponent with similar expectations in terms of gameplay, so it's up to you to find one.

If you accept a challenge for a match with no preset number of ends, it means that the match will finish as soon as one of you quits. It does not make any of you better or worse.

So if you and I were to start a match and agree on 4 ends, then I leave after scoring a point with the hammer in the first end... that's fair, honest and sportsmanlike?

You are clearly a person of importance here and I am clearly not, so I don't want to upset you but it's sort of like lying and that's a very annoying trait people seem to have.

If it's upsetting to people to be "outted" as runners... I guess they should keep their word and not... run. I've agreed to 1 enders before and don't mind losing 20-0 to an honest/ fair person. There are some wonderful people on this site but they are far out numbered by the rude people.

Like I said, it's no sweat off my nose and I plan on subscribing when my new pc gets here... but if you want me to stop posting in these kinds of threads, that's no sweat either.

Have a good day.
 "start a match and agree on 4 ends"

that is exactly why  a feature that allows you to set the number of ends has been implemented, in order to avoid such "misunderstandings".

So why not use it?

You might not need it obviously against players that you already know and trust, but it can help much against unknown players.

Just an advice...

Sometimes I have trouble getting players to play vs. me so I can't choose a number of ends. 

manux5 asked a player to play 10 ends and ran after the first end. 

I checked his history and out of his last 10 ends he had 8 opponents. I have to assume he ran on all of them. A guy came in to watch the game too and he mentioned it. manux5 is a runner..... yes?

Like I said, just posting names to help others avoid "poor sports".
only way to fix runners is to have games locked in for a minium of 6 ends
that may be a minimum of 45 minutes... 2 or 4 ends even for guest would be a help.

Personally, I would set it at 2.
Having a subscription and/or having been a user long enough to pre-select the number of ends makes a huge difference. Previously, I commonly had episodes similar to the one Oh-Canada had with 
, posted at 

If the number of ends hasn't been pre-selected, I wouldn't object to opponents leaving whenever they like. If, however, players agree to play a certain number of ends I think this is quite different. "BreamBoy" agreed with OhCanada to play 4-ends then scuttled away after 1, triumphantly bragging about his 1-0 win.

The cost of an annual subscription (~17GBP or ~20USD) is well worth it to guarantee avoiding players such as BB. And no; FlyOrDie didn't pay me to post this! 
 "to have games locked in for a minium of 6 ends"

Well, you can do it for yourself...

If there is no other (or not many) player who wants to play a minimum of 6 ends, then why should this be enforced for all? If there is such a player, then it would be obvious to choose that player as your opponent, wouldn't it.

"manux5 asked a player to play 10 ends and ran after the first end." 

Why don't you just set 10 ends in "options", then he cannot run without being penalized.

perhaps the player he was playing against couldn't set the number of ends.
If your opponent does not have such a setting, then it is your setting that counts.

If you have set 10 ends, and you are challenged by anyone, it will be a 10 end match, no matter what the challenging player has. 

If you have set 10 ends, and you challenge a player with no setting, it will be a 10 end match as well.

I should have been more clear, sorry.

Neither player had the settings available to them. 
Wait a month or two until you do, or subscribe.
I do have the option to choose ends, these others did not. And I plan to subscribe when I receive my new pc.
I just watched as Curlingero left the game before the final stone reached the house. He was going to lose 4 points and the game. It ended in a tie instead. What a runner.


Ran after I was going to get at least 3 in the first end. We set the match for 2 ends and he ran anyway. 

He was also abusive from the start so I am sending moderators a screenshot.
(thanks operator for taking of loudmouth )
the player would sit and let his stones  time out so I went to the report abuse on his stats screen and reported him as a cheater in seconds he lost all his shots and I played my stones out till the end was finished !! brovo operator!!
 is a runner. Just as I was about to score a boat load of points. on my last shot he ran.

Coward? of??? losing rating points on the internet. He must have nothing else in his life other than his rating here.

Sad... poor RUS77
 is a poor sport, he's like PAPUA.NEW.GUINEA.

He'll bad mouth you for playing poorly and fill the chat box with nonsense to distract you.

I should have taken a screen shot but I went to the lobby without thinking about the ss.
 ran after his last shot was going to be wayyy wide... He left before it even entered the house.

All of these runners should enter a marathon!
Hi :-)

The tournaments starts the 4th of july, am I right?
Depends what tournament you mean! Sign up at 

The tournaments starts the 4th of july, am I right?

Wrong thread. Yes it starts July 4th.

i cant my ends joker 777 ran on me 2 an other players too please help me
crazyodd is a runner and a complainer.

4 ends set and he ran after I scored a big first end, then the abuse started in the lobby, avoid at all costs.
Istanbul123 ran before his last rock entered the house because it was wayyyy off line, I got 2 but I think it should have been 4.

He also kept typing while I was shooting, it was annoying.

Watch out for 
 who split when I was about to set my last stone in the last end of a 2-end game. I would have won 5 or 6-1, but got only 3-1 because of that. What a chicken.
Another one today, 
, who left before my last stone stopped, making a 4-1 win only a 2-1.
And another!
tk72no ran while winning 1:0 to prevent me the satisfaction of getting 5 in the second & final end. I won 4:1 so he saved himself a solitary point. He is now appearing on 
 where the upload process is surprisingly easy.
I've never got a 5 before, hence the screenshot before taking my final shot - then he ran!
These screen shot have no reason to be published on your web site there was no fowl language or racial remarks runners do exist on this site state how many ends you want to play in the loby . If you are unable to do this then play play play till you can get enough time to use this feature.It isnt fare to run from a game but the game is programed to work as 1 to 10 ends . There has been a big improvement as to the way it was . programers took note of the complaints and made a feature were you can state the number of ends that you want to play use it just my opinion 
tk72no ran while winning 1:0 to prevent me the satisfaction of getting 5 in the second & final end.

I had set the number of ends at 2, as implied in my post...
In a 10-end game, CHUS ran after scoring 4 in the first end.  S/he then proceeded to post obscenities in chat when I called him/her out for being a runner.
freezman ran after asking for 4 ends, got 1 in first and ran.
use scins game. runners loose big time

 ran before I could throw my last rock and we tied instead of me getting an easy 2 points for a win.
 runner.  Also cant beat and wont play anyone his own rating.

 ran in the last end before my rock stopped and cost me another point.
It would be better if you posted the non runners Runners do it just to get there names on the forum
You can add 
. 4 ends agreed. First 0:4, second: First stone out of bounds --> leaving
It would be better if you posted the non runners Runners do it just to get there names on the forum

Non runners can be posted at 
 also! There is a section for "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

      .........so the Good Guys can get a mention too!
 ran in the 2nd end when we agreed on 4 ends.
 left before my last rock stopped and kept me from scoring more points.
moi928 ran before I was to launch the hammer.
Made me win only 4-1.
Chrisman77 ran in the last end
 I only scored 1 point because of it.
 who has about 160 points challenged me to a game. I'm at 80 but accepted because not many people were online.

He scored three in the first, quit and then started a game with someone else immediately.
 ran after the second end after agreeing to 6 ends
 just played a newb and screwed the 2nd end giving up 4 and left before the noob could throw his last rock.
If you don't care stop looking at this thread!!!

Others care and this thread will remain alive because once word gets around... those players will have fewer and fewer people to play.

With 50 posts obviously some people care...
LUCKY1 agreed to 6 ends of skins but bolted after 3
Beaudog was set for 4 ends and challenged me but took off when he was about to lose the 1st end
Only one posting loosers names is team canada there are more runners than players only thing posting is doing is making more runners 
So informing people about runners makes more runners? What schools did you go to?
Wagner Woods agreed to 6 ends of skins but took off after 3 ends...a well played enjoyable game that was tied up to that point...I just don't understand
 ran before the last rock stopped, but he still lost!
 agreed on 4 ends and left after he scored on the 1st end.

 ran after the first end I got 3, it should have been 5, we agreed on 10 ends.
Kiff ran on wowitsme and Kiff's history shows all 1 end games, I played him and of course he is a 1 end runner.
guardking you can set up ends in room and the runner are you because you left the game before the end, so you lost only 3-0 instead of 5-0.
He didn't run, but 
HappyNewYear is guilty of the worst kind of bad sportsmanship.
 We were in the 6th and final end of a skins game, with him/her leading 5:4 and lying "shot". As I was lining up the final stone of the end to take the match to a deciding draw he/she started repeatedly posting, having not "uttered a word" during the match. Needless to say it worked - I got distracted, and my draw was too heavy. He/she therefore won 8:4. He/she is welcome to his/her "victory".

We won't be playing again - ever.
Toni Robolt agreed to 6 ends of skins. I was leading 2-0 and we were playing 5th end worth 7 skins when he/she ran....
I have played HAPPYNEWYEAR under similar circumstance before too. I won't play again
The Spirit of Curling
 (from the WCF Rules)

Curling is a game of skill and of tradition. A shot well executed is a delight to see and it is also a fine thing to observe the time-honoured traditions of curling being applied in the true spirit of the game. Curlers play to win, but never to humble their opponents. 
A true curler never attempts to distract opponents, nor to prevent them from playing their best, and would prefer to lose rather than to win unfairly.

Curlers never knowingly break a rule of the game, nor disrespect any of its traditions. Should they become aware that this has been done inadvertently, they will be the first to divulge the breach.

While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honourable conduct.

Is it too much to expect all the gamers on here to  conduct themselves Honourably?

(Rant Over!)
 ran before I could throw my last rock, I won by 3 but it could have been 4.

What a poor sport.
wow you ppl are such whingers... wahhh wahhh i didn't get all the points i should have boohoo.

i am going to run in the hope of getting my name listed on here, then I will become famous.
stop whining about us complaining. It wont do you any good. We're probably a lot better than u, anyway. Just leave it all on the rink, awalker.
 is a runner. You may be deceived by the 128 rating into thinking (s)he is legit, but it's a ruse. We started a game, (s)he had hammer first end, scored a single, then left. Absolutely pathetic. What exactly is the point?
Gosh - my thread just seems to run & run & run & run & run. 
Once it reaches 100 posts we can make a list of all the runners...

OhCanada - which should really have been O'Canada!
wo huilai le
 is a runner.

He ran after agreeing a 4 end game and getting a 2-1 lead in the second end.
A.elvis just left the game in order to keep me from scoring 5 instead of 4 in the last end. Pretty cheap trick.
 ran after the 1st end when she agreed to .
wo huilai le
 is terrible sport.  constantly talks trash on the comments box.
use screenshots next time and send them to the mods.
he uses about 5 ids, you can tell because he uses the same terrible English, uses the same bad language and uses the same excuses
BIGLOUIE is a Runner and ignorant player
To avoid the runners sometimes it helps to state the number of ends,you wish to play, beside your name. 

ran after 3 ends when he agreed to 8
First of all that's not much evidence of anything and you can take more than 1 screenshot.

On the main page of FOD on the top right, click "contact", then click "moderator contact form", post your complaint and add the attached screen shot and that's it. 

Kasparov-3 just lost to me 2-0 but when he threw his last shot he realized that he would lose 4 and ran before the rock could finish so he only lost 1 point. He is truly a runner and a very poor sport.
shongi is a knuckle draging  low life runner
 ran after the 1st end after agreeing to 2, losers are losers.
ran after a few ends when he agreed to 6. He did his mother proud the best way he knows how... running scared.
Cindy12345	didn't run but she didn't play the last end. Instead she just sat and let time expire

Slip Slider..agreed to 4 ends but then ran away after I won the 1st two
elzaella - agreed to 4 ends, ran as I was palying 2nd to last shot of 1st end

Petey6 ran before my last rock stopped to cut me down to 3 instead of 4.
Delores ran after throwing her last rock of the last end in order to escape from me scoring 7...very poor sportmanship
Really had to toot your own horn there, eh?  I would consider that a form of bad sportsmanship.
My apologies to Louis 123 as I accidently left our game when my son plugged in his ipod and launched itunes. I x'd out of curling while intending to close iTunes..sorry
is a runner.  submitted screenshot to mods.
leyM6 ran in the last end before i could score more points he also spent the game whining about how lucky i was every time he made a bad shot. A REAL BABY !!!!!!!!. When is the runners list going to be made you said after 100 replies???
I played three ends against 
. He had a rating of 249, mine was zero because I hadn't played in a couple months.

Apparently he got more than he bargained for because I was up 4-0 after three ends and he quit. As soon as I returned to the lobby, he invited me to a new game. I had a bad end and gave up four points in the first. He immediately ran.
Had to come here to say that, eh?  Any person with lots of experience coming into a game with a 0 rank is bogus.  You should see that yourself.
Uh, what? I didn't play this game for a few months and when I came back I found my rating had dropped. Not that hard to understand pal.

Anyway, just found another runner, SUPERBOY.
Do I look like your pal, scrub?
I don't know what you look like, but you sound like an idiot.
Um, no, you don't know what I sound like.  You know what I type like.

If you were going to resort to that comment, then at least get it right.  Scrub.  
Maybe I know who you are... and the fact that you think "scrub" is such an insult is hilarious. Try a little harder.
Another runner, rokchalk98. Left after scoring and jumped right into another game.
Samborn ran before the last rock stopped .
db10er another runner i have hit for 5 and he run me before i put my last stone,had this.
Give up on this ,fly or die allows runners and there is nothing that bitching or complaining is going to do 
Doogie2 ran before i could throw last rock, preventing 5 from being scored. 4 was nice too though
Archeroo is a runner, had my last shot to score 4 to and he ran before it hit
 ran just as I was about to draw for 6, what a loser he is.
RockStarz ran in the middle of the game.
On Mute ran after being down 14-2.
Oilersforlife ran as I was about to draw for 5.

Run Chicken run!
anyone volunteer to list the runners in a nice chart?
somagardzi ran like a rabbit call him bugs lol
=DTP= ran ran ran
2nd end of a 2 end match. I was 0:1 down, with hammer. Had just delivered my final stone - easy take out for a 4 so a 4:1 victory - when he (she?) ran. 
So =DTP= managed a 1:1 draw... 
777boss ran before i could throw last rock. 3 instead of 4
Oilersforlife big big chicken couard runner!
tok tok tok :D
I've played lots of people who play one end, score a point and then leave suddenly.  there are others who ...
- leave in the middle of an end where it looks like you're about to score a point;
- quit after taking a lead in the second or third end after being down by a point;
- quit after agreeing to play a certain number of ends and don't;

What can we do about these players, other than continue to "out" them in the public forums and public messaging areas.  However, this does not stop them from creating a new account and doing it all over again. 

I'm getting tired of the "runners" and the ones who are very unsportsmanlike by making rude comments during a game.

PS, Since when is one end considered a "match"?  In real curling, a game is not considered complete unless 5 ends are played or an agreed upon set number of ends are played.  It's very misleading to say you've won so many "matches" when in actual fact, you've only won ends, but could have lost entire games.
KimChenlr run when I had a takeout for 5. After quitting KimChenlr came into gamechat and tried to blame me as a runner. What a loser.

you can set the number of ends you wish to play.


Your opponent will loose many points when quitting before those ends are completed.

You can also check other player's recent matches to see how many ends they tend to play.

You can also look for players who have set the number of ends as you prefer.

Take care if playing jasondementia.
In the second end of a 2-end match, he was leading 1:0. As I played the last stone of the match, with a very good chance of scoring 2 or more, he ran like a hare out a trap before I completed my shot, and salvaged a 1:1 draw. What a sad, unsporting player he/she is.
Jasondementia did the same to me.
His last shot was bad and I could score 5 easily. He left so I "only" got 3 in that last end.
 left when I was to do my last shot in the second end. So I won ONLY 8-1. ;)

B'hopihe ran when i was about to get four. I only got 3, instead