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Billiard update
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Billiard update
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Billiard update
The billiard games have been updated today, which also has some side effects, namely the PC version is not fully functional, it cannot connect to the new server which is used by the browser version now.

This means that PC players can play amongst themselves, but cannot play against browser players.

(a new pc version should be available in a couple of days)

The update includes:
 - ability to reconnect if there is a short disconnect from the server
 - advanced chat filter
 - report abuse feature
 - fix of bug with snooker timeouts
 - new emoticons
 - ...

Hello Daniel. :)

Nice to hear that. 

Well it's been updated..but the update is kinda boring and pointless and the new emotions are not good and there is no actually colour change or advanced game features or anything?
what a let down
It's about time! :p

I assume by timeout bug you mean you can no longer timeout on the black ball to win?
about time we get these updates, next thing ................. to sort out the cheaters here 
hi daniel...i'd like to introduce myself...i'm age :) and i really love the site...i haven't yet checked out the changes but i'm sure they'll be goody :)...i sub a couple of nics (age and Mrs.Goody) and truly enjoy the people and the play...if ever you're considering additional improvements, i'd like to suggest locks on the room doors *giggle*...again, many thanks to you and all the great moderators i've met so far for all you all do to bring us this terrific site....sincerely, age
Op, what do you mean by advanced chat filter?

You also missed that 8 players can get into a room instead of 5 players, also has there been any update to the graphics or gameplay? Im sure it felt different when i was playing this morning.

Anyway thanks for the update, its been a while (8years) :p
Nice updates their Daniel.  Thanks.
Also the sound seems better on browser mode, is that because its been put onto the main server ?

I saw a guy try the timeout cheat earlier, he lost the game through it but didnt lose any rating...not sure if thats a bug or not.
WOW  OP calls out a dude,lol. Say bud, what about PC Users $$ for sub question? Im thinking A. We're still subbed, and have advantages..Emoticans are very lame, but ya know, mostly I see them used for anger, or gloating, both needless, so who cares.  I just like a (K) now and then anyhow.We can send links from Web version..But we cant super-size screen can we??  Is it a rip-off for Sub players?  I mean, besides watching our friends that still D/C constantly..The Curling site, geez,ya get just as sick of "Wait for opponent to reconnect" as you would seeing them every 5 min in the lobby,lol..Just wonderin, PEACE!!
So when the update will be finsihed?
fod needs an update big time ive played here 4 over 5 years now and not much has changed. so to hear about the update i was hopefull only to find the things that have been updated r trivial! i mean come on surely the pc game could have had a nice graphics upgrade playing on that big snooker table is a joke and some of the other games out there now r 10 times this quality! let the browser players have pooo quality and give the subscribers somthin 4 thier money! this being said i will not go anywhere else to play pool, 4 many reasons i.e game play, controlls and the comunity, and im sure that many people r the same. im also sure fod knows this and thats why they havent updated anything. i know the old saying dont fix it if it aint broke but i aint sayin fix im sayin improve.

oh yea and put a new rule in (9) ball NAME BAG 4 THE (9) B4 U POT I! :p
cant get into online game and pc game only has a few players whats the point of subscribing if i cant play 

I agree with others, the emoticons are quite silly actually, not as good as the ones we had beforehand, for one there to big and two when you do half of em after a second of lookin at them they just look annoying.
I agree also, emotions are very off-putting for us.
They are ok on connect 4 and other FlyOrDie games but this is not the right things to have on snooker and pool.
i agree with a rule should be made and button introduced for bo3 games to stop runners nice and simple when challenged a button pops up for bo3 or bo1 bo5 and so on unless both agree to bo3 bo1 bo5 and so on game cant start and yes the rule for name pocket on (9) in nine ball should be optional at start of game another buttom maybe
There is an update i think you should do too, when you click toplist on light you get the toplist of snooker pro, could u update it to when u click u get the snooker light toplist ?
because the update is preventing subscribers and PC players to play as normal. does this mean that subscribers will get the days lost re-credited to thier current paid for days?
This update is lame so far, the games constantly freeze.. I ended up losing points after i disconnected.. and the emoticons aren't too good either.
How long until update is finish? And can you tell us if its necessary to download a new version of pc game?

We are continuously working to solve the issues. Please have some patience.


TY for updates Boss, thats all anyones asking for. 
A new PC game will be available after we have fixed the "cue not appearing bug" which should happen soon hopefully.


Nice to hear, OP. Hope it will be available today or tomorrow. btw would be nice if you would give us the download link if its finished. and another question... do we have to download again or will it be only an update ?
i don't see the download link. who can help? its not a famous work from your side, I think better is to give a good information about the download link to all.

Im still waiting hopefully 
- report abuse feature

i don't have this feature, how come?
OK so youve made changes yet wen I try to log in, I get a message..."you should reset browser and cache and reload this game...what the heck does this mean? And wen is this new pc version available, as playing on a little poxy screen is not good for eyes. Thanks 
great new pc g working fine thanks

when i try 2 make pc game full screen just goes black round the edge & stays same size. anyone know why this might happen?
I don't see any difference except with the info menu.
can you tell us when the pc version will be finished, when will you be able to get full screen?
if this is the finished version then many people wont be subscribing again, can't get full screen, wich is probably why most subscribe :S
Are you using v1.41?

If so, what prevents you from playing in fullscreen ?

Do u really think it's possible to play in fullscreen with old version? Balls are too big lol.
yes useing v1.41 i havn't got a clue why it wont go fullscreen, i have tried downloading 3 times now just to check but still no good, any idea's?
Yeah,wait till they apologise for the 15th time,for this 14th dealay..Its been broke more then on the past 10 days...
same problem with full screen. now lets make this clear the game plays in full screen but had a frame of blacl around it so it looks like it is not full screen also anther minor hitch is once logged in the players list alway goes to bottom by default can this be fixed to default to highest ranked payer? just a though. ps i am using windows 7 if this help the OP hope we can get these bugs sorted soon cos this is all there are guys just bugs
For those having problems playing in full screen on pc version follow these steps.
when starting game go to options and check enable screen distortion thats it your done
updates are finished??  I still can't use PC VERSION without first going to web site for flyordie... the ball still freezes in snooker after the break, I keep disconnecting, what exactly is improved in the game?... maybe those moving emotes are taking too much bytes:p?  
you posted a comment on the 22 april pc game should update in a couple of days im still having trouble connecting sometimes keeps telling me im behind a firewall
when pc game tells me i'm behind a firewall,i click Forum button,then try again and it works perfectly. 
The "cannot connect to server" problem has nothing to do with the recent update, but it is a completely new issue, so a completely new solution is needed, which we are working on.

Thank you for your patience, in case the "forum button" thing does not work for you.

v1.42 is available for those who are having problems logging in.

i am a subscriber ,
how do i update the new snooker?

Yes changes were okay, but emotes were like 1 million times cooler than what are now.
I would like get back our old emoticons! at least for billard [img=
]  :D

Don Tico
Your Favorite Mod :p